I love working with groups!  There’s something that happens in community that is powerful and exciting. Collaboration and connection bring about a greater creativity and energetic synergy than anything else I know.  In my experience, a community of like-minded people create the best incubator for personal growth and transformation, and clients who take classes experience the most benefit in their private sessions.  I have quite a continual selection of offerings!  Give a group a try!  You might just become a regular participant like many of my clients.



Into the Beyond: a monthly program.

Into the Beyond a monthly program

You + Your Family: a 2 Part Series.  Thursday, Dec 6 and Saturday, Dec 8.

12 Days of Inner Illumination.  December 21 – January 1


You can now purchase the recordings of these HOT classes:


Living Abundance: A 21 Day Practice In HAVING It All And RECEIVING More.

21 Days of Being the Dominant Energy of Your Life.

Being the dominant energy in your life

21 Days of Generative Energy.

21 Days of Generative Energy-2

21 Days of Receiving (from everything and everyone!).

21 days of receiving-2

Ask & Receive: a 21 Day Practice in Asking Question (about EVERYTHING!).

Ask and Receive Class

Be the Change: 21 Days of Creating Differently.

21 Days of Creating Differently-2

Honoring Men: a 6 Week Class for Conscious Women.

Honoring Men-1


Turning Off Auto-Pilot: a Reality Shifting Call.

Turning Off AutoPilot-3

#NotMyProblem (I Don’t Have Problems!): A Reality Shifting Call.

Not My Problem-1


Other Past Classes:

Futuring: a 5 Week Class.

Happy With My Body: a 10 week Project.

What Are You Putting In Your Future?

Access Consciousness Bars® Class. 

How to Become Money Workshop.

You + Dating: A Judgment Clearing Zoom.

You + Your Body: a Virtual Workshop.

You + Your Body-2

You + Money:  A  Virtual Workshop.

Money workshop-8

Have Your Own Back: A 10 Week Empowerment Series.

Have your own back!-2

Mondays with Money: a ten week class with the How To Become Money Workbook. Look for this class again in the Spring!

Mondays with Money-1

Presence & Potency: 21 Days of Choice, Change and Energy Pulls.

Presence and Potency-3

5 Days of Clearing: An Energetic Spring Clean Detox.

5 Days of Clearing

FREE CALL ~ Rock the Shock: Be the Change!

Rock the Shock Free Call

Summer of Creation: a 10 Week Energetic Practice Class.

Summer of Creation-1

Power & Potency:  A 21 Day Adventure in Being.

Power & Potency-9

Relationship Remodel: Project MOM.  Spring 2016

Relationship RemodeL_





What Students Say:


Jessica shows up authentically, with an open and compassionate heart. My soul resonates with her teachings and wisdom. Even months after taking her courses, I continue to learn and grow from them. Jessica’s work is transformative and the shift happens from the inside out.” – Paola


“Let me just start by saying that Jessica Colp is someone I consider to be a trusted advisor. She asks thought provoking questions, see’s the bigger picture, and is an incredible teacher. When I heard she was teaching Manifesting Change I knew I had to do the course, even though I didn’t know much about the author, and knew even less about the book. From day 1 my mind started changing. I opened up to the truth of who I am, and what I’m really capable of. I learned how to trust in myself and the universe, and (seriously) felt like I was falling in love with myself…the real me. This may sound kind of corny but for someone who is used to beating up on themselves for every ‘wrong’ move, this was a huge shift for me. I actually manifested the thing I needed the most during week 5 of the course, HELP! I’ve always dreamed of hiring an assistant to help take some of the pressure of myself in my business, but could never afford it. Then, magically, the perfect assistant walks into my life after finding me online, and ends up agreeing to be my intern…for no pay. It was perfect and showed me I am a master manifestor…I can’t wait to see what else I manifest. Thank you so much for this amazing course Jessica!” — Holly


“Jessica’s “Manifesting Change” tele-class is brilliant! Here’s this amazing book that I might never have gotten around to reading on my own, or maybe I would have read it but not fully done all of the homework and exercises. Because I’m reading the book in the frame-work of Jessica’s class, I’m actually seeing results and manifesting change in my life! With the support of Jessica and the rest of the class, the partner check-ins, the weekly homework, and the live calls, it’s hard not to get the benefit of this truly powerful book.” –Jaime


“I got SO much out of Jessica’s “Manifesting Change class.” Not only did I learn some powerful secrets to HOW to manifest exactly what I want, I got the opportunity to work with group intention and actually manifest some amazing things in the 2 months we spent together!! I found a new place to live that was better then what I had imagined, I manifested the PERFECT love relationship, AND my business grew exponentially. I also made some beautiful heart and soul connections with other amazing people who were in the class with me. Now my circle of friends and network of support is so much bigger and sweeter! I am so grateful that Jessica created this class. It has been such a HUGE blessing to so many aspects of my life!” — Jenny


“This class completely changed my outlook on life. I no longer view my circumstances as random events that are out of my control, but rather see my life as a beautiful painting that I can add to or delete from any time I want to. I have the power to make any changes that I wish to see. Jessica is a wonderful teacher/’facilitator and Thursdays quickly became my favorite day of the week. Having a community of support in manifesting our desires is invaluable. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to change anything about their life but doesn’t quite know how to go about it.”  — Sharon

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