As we step into these last months of the year, where are you standing?

Are you clear about what you want?

And have you pointed yourself towards creating it?

Or are you a little muddled and stuck in only seeing what you DON’T want?


The capacity to name what you want and why you want it is important skill when you want to manifest with conscious intention.  


Join me for October’s 3 part Life Skills Lab!  Over the course of three classes I’ll guide you towards clarity and certainty regarding your next desires.  


Class 1: What do you want?

Let me guide you towards a grounded focus and awareness of the desires of your heart right now.  WHAT are you longing for?  That’s where we’ll start visioning.  Your clarity comes from pausing and perceiving what is a yes and what is a no for you.


Class 2: Why do you want it?  

Next we’ll sink deeper to feel below the surface of your desires to the purpose for your desires.  WHY do you want what you want?  As you find your why, your inner commitment activates, your priorities begin shifting, and your next action steps will begin to reveal themselves to you.  


Class 3: Stand in Certainty. Believe it.

Finally, we’ll do some work on mindset!  What thoughts must you think to manifest your next desires?  And what thoughts must you stop thinking?  Set yourself up with strong beliefs, a clear mind, and a certainty in the possibilities that lie ahead.



THE DETAILS:::::::::::::


This is a 3 part series.  We meet on zoom at these times:  

Monday, October 23 at 12pm Pacific

Wednesday, October 25 at 6pm Pacific

Saturday, October 28 at 10:30am Pacific

All classes are recorded and come with a worksheet and guided exercises.



YOUR INVESTMENT?::::::::::::



$333  for class + 2 coaching sessions


Or send payment via Venmo (@Jessica-Colp)  or Zelle (




“I owe a lot of my success to this class – success that is still growing every day. When I started I was somewhat hesitant and reserved. I was looking for something, but I didn’t know what. Now I feel I’ve received so much it’s almost overwhelming. I have a power and strength I didn’t have access to before. I mean, I know it was all already inside me, I carried it, but I carried it silently. In the past I might have stepped over it, made excuses to doubt myself, or just turned away from what I knew I could do. Now it feels so much easier to listen to my own inner voice, my intuition, my own source energy. This class, the processes we went through, the time we had together made me see what I already had and was ignoring or pushing aside. I came so close to missing out on my own potential. This class prevented that. On top of that, it was easy, lighthearted, and low demand. I even made some great friends along the way. I really loved it!” – Jessica S

“I would say, that it was a life-changing experience. It would help anyone find their path, and an easier way to follow that path. I truly enjoyed the class!” – Delene O

“It is really cool to be in a mastermind with a diverse group of people collectively working on manifestation it ups the game.” – Erica

“I learned to meditate more easily, how to tap into my inner knowing, I learned SO much it’s hard to put into words / sum up. I feel like I grew so much thanks to this class.” LM

“I just love your wisdom. Things you say stick with me, I quote you…xo” – SB

“I learned to stay in my own lane. I enjoyed the reminder to listen to my own knowing rather than the noise around me. You integrated the Law of Attraction and it supported me in keeping my vibration lighter. It’s wonderful to have the daily reminders of love and connection in these times and for future reference.” – BP

“I was reminded to use and instead of but, let everything be a gift, make all my choices right, And remember that the universe is for me not against me. I appreciate the way you can take any situation and ask a question to receive it as a gift. I also love your enthusiasm for life and your ability to hold space for All aspects of us.” – BL

“The two biggest things I received from class: 1) practicing the tools daily 2) having the support of community during this especially volatile time Different parts of the class struck me the most at different moments, but right now what’s biggest for me is more awareness of the subtle, paying attention and knowing, and creating a life from what feels good.” SG

This program “… gave me a lot of confidence, a peace of mind and clarity into what I was thinking, wanting and feeling. It led me to a place I wanted to be, or maybe it let me open the path so I could lead myself to the place I wanted to be.” – JS


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