Choose the good thoughts

Posted on 22 September 2023

The more you cultivate healthy thoughts and beliefs, the more easily you create a healthy and fulfilling life.

And how do you have a healthy mind?

You slow down and reflect.

You pay attention to what lifts you up and what sends you into a negative spiral.

You give yourself nurturing conversations and high quality ideas.

There are plenty of thoughts out there to think. As your life coach, I want to remind you to choose the good ones —

Good thoughts about yourself.

Good thoughts about your partner, your job, your children, your life…

Good thoughts about the world.

Often my clients will pause in sessions to take notes on the simply truths we find together that open their minds and steady their emotions. They write them down so that later, when under pressure or tossing and turning in bed, they remember where to train their mind to go.

High quality thoughts are often pretty simple, like:

Everyone here, including me, is doing the best they can.

Even though this feels painful, it’s not personal.

There is a solution and a way through this.

After I take the next step, I’ll know more.

Everything you’re experiencing can be perceived from multiple valid points of view. You mind will get cluttered, especially in times of stress.

It can be entirely reasonable to think negative thoughts about your life. It can be completely logical to be cynical. But it doesn’t serve you.

Don’t get comfortable in thought patterns that send you low. They’re not the only ones to think.

When you clean up your thoughts that’s when inspiration can arrive.

Choose thoughts that open your heart and lift you up.

Choose thoughts that give you a higher perspective and context for whatever is in front of you.

Choose thoughts that are conducive to creative solutions.

Need help with that? I’m here for it.

Book sessions to clean up your thinking and find your alignment. Work with me seasonally or commit to regular weekly sessions. If we’ve never worked together before, schedule a free consultation first.

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