Your life is shaped by the choices you make.
And every day you make MANY choices!

When faced with choice, do you freeze up in self-doubt?
Avoid choosing? Or seek other people’s opinions?
Experience a lot of stress about making the right choice and avoiding the wrong choice?


Do you trust yourself to choose?
Do you receive all the possibilities?
Do you delight in your power to choose and choose again?

Come, turn up your knowing.
Increase your confidence.
And be more courageous as the chooser of your life.


  • Know yourself as a powerful chooser!
  • Practice using questions to gather information before choosing.
  • Hone your capacity to perceive the energy of each choice and possible outcome.
  • Perceive yourself as a chooser, instead of limiting yourself to the ‘one who is waiting to be chosen.’
  • Expand your awareness of the levels of choice that aren’t so obvious.
  • Have what you’ve chosen while also giving yourself the freedom to choose again.
  • And so much more!

JOIN AND RECEIVE:::::::::::::

  • 5 LIVE interactive phone classes
  • The .mp4s recordings of each class to keep and re-listen to again and again
  • Weekly assignments to support your work.
  • A private FACEBOOK GROUP for community accountability, inspiration, and shares.

If you can’t make the calls live, no worries. All classes are recorded and available for you within a few hours.

Each class also includes time for individual coaching. Bring your particular choices and challenges to the line and workshop them with us.


THE DETAILS:::::::::::

We will meet Wednesday nights, between January 29 and February 26 at 7pm Pacific.

Call in details will be sent to you when you register.








“Loved the calls. I’m so much more calm at taking a risk, knowing that life supports me! So the things I thought were insurmountable became manageable and sometimes fun!! This group was a pleasure to hear in the mornings, along with you Jessica. thank you!!” ~ Avital


“I feel so grateful for this class, for a first time a long time. I feel hopeful and positive about the possibility of creating a different way of living. Feeling light about my back account. What else is possible?” ~ Tunde


“So grateful for this class. I have received so much space and ease and joy and am now interested in my way of being in the world and my interactions with everyone in it. The first three calls literally blew my mind and I had to listen at least three times to each!! Thank you, Jessica, for always having our back and giving us surprising insights while also being totally vulnerable and open. The epitome of being in allowance and being the question. Your joy for this work shines through everything you do. And love and gratitude to all the others on this journey and their shares which informed my own choices. Deep appreciation and gratitude to all.” ~ Peter


I haven’t chimed in much, however I love this series! I am replaying the recordings a few times a day, especially since crunchy areas seem to pop up lately….I enjoy the lightness and ease of the calls,and also mind blowing in many ways, ~ so grateful.” – B.P.


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