Can I teach you how to clear energy?

Posted on 11 March 2017

Do you know how easy it is to clear energy?

You don’t have to smudge sage, burn a violet flame, or call on any particular saint, archangel or deity (though that might be fun for you — and if it is, go for it!).

Clearing energy is as simple as making a choice.

All kinds of energies are going to be in your life.  Heaviness.  Confusion.  A wave of irritation that pops up regularly.  A belief of scarcity that follows you wherever you go.

No problem.

These kinds of energies are held in place by judgments and conclusions.  Yet, they don’t have to be.  You can choose beyond them quickly and easily.

How?  Be aware of the energy.  Question it.  Clear it.5 Days of Clearing

Let me show you how simple that is.

Join me for this month’s class series: 5 Days of Clearing: an Energetic Spring Clean Detox.

In five days we’ll clear old dense energies out of your reality.  We’ll create more space for your body, health, career, passions, and future.  We’ll lighten up so you have far more space to be you!

Doing something every day is a way to create a new habit.  In the five days of this class series we’ll not only clear energy as a group, you will also practice a clearing tool that you can use on your own any time you choose.

Read more and register HERE.

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