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What kind of life do you desire to have?  And who do you have to BE to create that life?

As we close out 2016, perhaps you have some creations to bring to completion.  Perhaps you’ve got a vision of something new you’d like to create next year.  Perhaps you’re even looking around at our nation and planet and seeing creations that don’t work for you.

Instead of shaking your head in dismay, pointing your finger at other people, or feeling overwhelmed by the immense task of living, would you be willing to turn up your creative potency — and step into being the difference that you can be?  For yourself.  For your life.  For your world.

Create for you.  Create for the world.

Create differently.

You can make life happen from work and effort.
You can push and force your will onto circumstances.
You can motivate change with the energies of anger, fear or judgment.
You can create from mental strategy and causal reality.

Or …. you can create from another space of being.

Would you be willing to create with ease?
Would you be willing to give up your points of views about the exact right way your creations can and should come into existence?
Would you be willing to BE whatever you need to BE to create what you desire?

Come, join me for three weeks of creation.

Each morning we’ll create our day from:


We’ll wake up with choice.   We’ll engage many tools of consciousness.

In these three weeks, come turn up your potency.  Make powerful choices outside the box of what is normal, average, real and the same as everyone else.  Ask questions and receive awareness.  Uncreate and destroy limiting points of view, expectations and judgments that stifle your creative flow.  Follow your joy and pleasure.  Take small actions and create big waves.

This class is guided by many tools from Access Consciousness.

What You'll Receive

21 days worth of classes in downloadable .mp3 format.  Each class was recorded live with a bright community of people who joined me by tele-conference call every morning for 30 minutes.   Day by day we meditate, shift energy, clear limitation, journal and create our experience before we get there.






And how you do you know if this class is for you?  Ask yourself what it will create in your life!  If asking that questions creates a lightness and expansion, say YES!

What Participants Say


“First day’s recording awesome. I heard the meditation 3x last night…powerful.” – Karen


“Great call this morning!! During the meditation as I lowered my walls & barriers I had tears coming down. Instead of letting my mind tell me why- I just allowed it and kept breathing with it. It felt nice to even lower my barriers to tears. I had this feeling like in the movie Avatar when the community comes together and is healing one of the women- this feeling of how we limit ourselves & make ourselves sick w limiting beliefs and how awareness & expansion can heal.” – Paola


“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.”  Patti


“Thanks for the meditation this morning, Jessica. As you know, I perfected the art of walking through life invisible…. So letting go of my barriers and showing up more was a big experience for me today. I feel super grounded and in my body. What a fun day!” – B.P.


“Wow, it is amazing the flood of emotion that can be received as you start becoming visible and lowering barriers. I went from uncomfortable to settled into myself and space. What a wonderful first day!” – Sam


“Jessica’s leadership is the perfect mix of light, humorous, easy-going and strong, tell-it-like-it-is.  The guided meditations and group phone session were invaluable. Get ready for change and sign up.”  – Susannah


“This class really made my meditation go deeper than it ever has before. It also gave me a sense of peace and calmness that everything is ok, when I remember. Sometimes I forget, then I remember again. And sometimes it takes a class or a spiritual session or talking to the right person at the right time to remember.” – Michele





The most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION I receive is something like this: My schedule conflicts with the calls.  Will I get as much out of the class if I am just listening to the recordings?

My answer is an enthusiastic: Yes!  Your commitment and participation is what matters.  If you don’t make the calls live, you are still invited to listen to the recording, do the meditation, participate in all the activities, and to share on the Facebook page.   It’s all as potent as you want it to be!

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