Do you compare yourself to others to measure your value or success?
Do you apologize often?
Do you beat yourself up for not saying the right things or making the right move?

Can some else’s opinion of you bring you down for hours (or days…)?

Friend, you don’t have time for that, and doubting yourself is exhausting.

The truth is, you may not always be right, but you’re never wrong.
You can’t please everyone, nor should you try.
And when you compare yourself to others, you’ll never get an accurate measure of yourself.

YOU are totally unique and incomparable, and what matters most is that YOU LIKE YOURSELF, not that others like you.

All things in life are easier when you BE you — without apology!

Are you willing to be that AUDACIOUS?


Join me for a four week class to uplevel your self-esteem and turn up your audacity.


Tuesday nights
June 18 – July 9

7pm Pacific


Join by audio, video or recording.

(All classes are recorded and available for you to keep.)

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