At first I thought this book was silly. I was wrong!

Posted on 07 October 2015

I watched one of my clients shift some major energy this year when she decluttered her house. It seemed simple at first. She read a book that inspired her, and then she tackled her closet in a weekend. She kept what she loved, gave away everything she didn’t, and began working her way through everything else in her home with the same criteria. I figured she’d feel lighter after that, only something bigger happened. Hopes and dreams that felt like they were going to be a few years down the road for her suddenly became topics of conversation for THIS year. Before I knew it, she was booking that BIG epic adventure she’d dreamed of for THIS FALL — not for 2016 or 2017 as she’d reasonable talked about a few months earlier. Nope, it was gonna happen now! She was ready.

What the heck had happened?

She shifted her life to a new standard of experience and creation. If it didn’t give her joy or pleasure, it was time to let it go. If it DID, she now had room for it.

The-Life-Changing-Magic-of-Tidying-Up-718x1024We’ll blame Marie Kondo and her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for this crazy notion. When my client first told me she was reading this book, I thought “That’s nice. Not a book I would ever read, however, good for her.” When her life changed dramatically, I realized this was no ordinary book on organizing or creating a clean home. It was far more powerful than that!

So, of course, I read it.

Here’s the magic – Marie Kondo lets you think you’re reading a simple book about decluttering when really she’s asking you to get clear on your own inner knowing, to trust your feelings, and to recalibrate to joy and pleasure instead of every other standard by which you’ve been creating your life that probably hasn’t been working all that well (though no one else would point their finger at you because they are probably creating their life from less than joy and pleasure too).

I get it. I love my life, however, I have let quite a lot of stuff enter my home that does NOT give me a thrill of pleasure when I see it.  It works. It’s okay. It’s nice enough.

And if I look even beyond the stuff of my life, I see that standard in other areas of my life too.  Survival and practicality might reign supreme in my thinking, however, if I want to THRIVE, I gotta have another set of criteria.

And here’s Marie Kondo’s most powerful reminder: it’s just a choice. I actually CAN choose to honor what bring me joy and pleasure so much that I pay attention to those feelings and let them guide me in determining what I keep, what I release, what I buy and what I allow to be in my life.

I was so moved by this book, I have my whole Inner Circle reading it now. Do you want to read it with us? We’re committing the next three months, October to November, to decluttering our lives.  And not just our stuff — our LIVES!  It’s a big project, however, we’re doing it together, and we’re excited for all the new space we’re making for what we really desire.

My monthly specialty topic series, Radically Light, also reconvenes this month with a look at “Relationships without Boundaries.”  I’d love to have you join us for that energy-shifting conversation as well.

The invitations are here!  And so am I!  Are we Facebook friends, yet? I love knowing what you’re up to and seeing you live your life to the fullest.

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