Assembling the High-Vibe Tribe — and YOU’RE invited!

Posted on 03 October 2011

I love great conversations. I love asking questions, hearing responses and seeing lightbulbs go on in people’s spirits as they make internal connections that bring answers, solutions and new insights. In coaching conversations, I get to do that with people one on one, and it always leaves me awed and inspired!

In addition, I really like to connect amazing people to other amazing people, and I LOVE sparking group conversations based in a tone of ‘what’s right’ optimism and empowerment that sparks creativity and innovation.

And, I have discovered that with a little finesse, a dose of structure, and some thought-provoking questions and content, people connect amazingly well in a virtual party setting – by phone! **

So, I’m throwing a party, to do just that, and I’m inviting YOU!

Think “Positive Cocktail Party“. Think “Dream Mixer“. Think “Think Tank”.

Think of it as a High-Vibe VIP party, at which you get to have multiple inspiring conversations with people, like you, who are eager to connect and grow.

That’s what we’ll be creating together this coming Sunday afternoon, on a tele-conference call like no other: a High-Vibe Tribe, not limited by geography or time zone.

Is this for you?

Do you feel like you’re growing? Like something is emerging from you that’s new? Do you feel an evolutionary shift occurring in your life from the inside out? Is it BIG?

Maybe you can’t name or identify it yet, but if you are feeling some inner stirrings of change, I want YOU on this call.

Here’s what you’ll get from it:

  1. New friends – multiple new high-vibe additions to your community, and a partner to check in with over the next month.
  2. New clarity regarding what’s going on inside you, what it means in your life, and what it’s going to bring.
  3. A new vision for what’s next for you – with action steps, affirmations and accountability.

I’m excited! And, friends, it’s time! NOW! What we do individually, what we allow to occur in our inner evolution, THAT’S what’s going to change the outer world of our lives and recreate society as we know it.

When? Sunday — October 9th at 4pm PST

Where? By phone. Geography is NO limit!

What’s the cost? The call is $20. Register below and I’ll send you the call in number and code, along with more details about how to prepare for the call.

NOTE: I’m super excited to be donating a portion of the proceeds to Earth School! And if you haven’t already, swing by and push the “like” button at the Coolest School in the Galaxy!

(** The conference call system that I use is called Maestro and amazingly, it allows for us to mix and mingle in a variety of ways – partners, dyads, triads and more. You can even raise your hand from wherever you are on the planet, and I’ll see it! Fun, fun! I’ll also be encouraging you to be on Facebook the same time as you’re on the call. That way, when I partner you with someone, you can immediately find them, friend them, and ‘see’ who you’re talking to. Get a feel for this? Think global, baby! It’s world wide web connection at its finest!)

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