Asking Love

Posted on 22 December 2011

I’ve got LOVE on the mind. I’ve got a yearning to learn more about what Love is.  I’ve got a desire to be even more open-hearted and Loving.  I want to BE Love like I’ve never been Love before.  And out of that desire, I’ve got questions.  I’ve got questions for LOVE and about LOVE.  And so I’m asking:

How does Love want to express as me?  What actions does Love want to take in my life?

Where can I make a little more space in my awareness for Love?  How can I make Love even more welcome in my life?

How can I be even more Loving in my work? How can I hold an even greater space of Love for my clients? With what words and expressions can I infuse Love into all of my conversations?

Who wants more of my Love?  Who needs my Loving right now?  How can I spread broad messages of Love, beyond my current circles?  What communities can I serve with my Love? How can I be a greater force of Love to a greater number of people in my life today?

Where can I be more open to receive the Love that is given to me?  What messages is Love sending me? In what ways can I be more attentive to Love’s gifts?

What Loving acts can I perform today? What Loving words can I speak today? What Loving message can I convey with my life today?

How can I express Love with everything that I am?  In what ways can I show more Love to myself?  Where can I allow Love to grow?  Where can I allow Love to express?  Where can I allow Love to create?

Where in my life do I need to practice Love? Where in my life can I let Love have free reign?  What would happen if I let Love flow freely?

And as I ask, I feel Love.  I feel it well up.  I feel it emanate.  It takes me over and has it’s way.  It is what I am.  It is what I experience.   It is all that is.

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