Ask and Receive_ a 21 Day Class
Do you have areas of your life in which you’ve stopped asking questions?

Do you sometimes look at the world around you and think — ‘this is just how it is and how it’s always going to be’?

Do you stop yourself from taking action because you’ve already thought through what will probably happen, and it doesn’t seem worth it?


Did you know that a conclusion actually keeps change from happening, yet asking a question ALWAYS opens the door to new possibilities…?


Need to change something?  Ask a question.
Open to receive awareness?  Ask a question.
Ready to create more?  Ask a question.


Asking questions is a practical skill, a basic tool of consciousness, and yet — very few people live in question, wonder or curiosity.  The more we live in question, the more power we have to create a world that continually changes for the better.  And it’s not hard!


Are you willing to be a person who lives in the question — ABOUT EVERYTHING?


Come!  Join me for a 3 week daily class and shake up your life with questions.


  • Practice being the question — curious, open and filled with wonder.
    Practice crafting questions that quickly unlock whatever you’re stuck in.
    Practice catching yourself in bullshit questions — questions that sound like questions, yet are really conclusions or judgments with question marks attached.
  • Practice receiving the awareness that arrives with each question and acknowledging the subtle shifts that your questions effortlessly create in your reality.
  • Practice generating expanded Energy, Space and Consciousness for yourself and your world by asking the simplest of questions silently or aloud (and watch what happens when you do so!).


This class is guided by many tools from Access Consciousness™.

what you'll receive

21 days worth of classes in downloadable .mp3 format.  Each class was recorded live with a bright community of people who joined me by tele-conference call every morning for 30 minutes.   Day by day we ask questions, meditate, shift energy, clear limitation, journal and invite the Universe to create with us.




How does it get any better than this?



And how you do you know if this class is for you?  Of course, you feel it!  Ask — “if I give myself this class, what will it create in my life?”  Now notice what you receive. It may be a little lift in your reality.  A feeling of lightness or expansion. If so, say YES.  When you follow the light, you create more of that!


“I love this class!!! Yay! And how does it get better than this? I looooooove asking these questions. They’re like a magic golden key unlocking choice and possibility. My biggest takeaway today is that as I ask these questions, if I sense myself putting up walls or limitations, I can uncreate and destroy those if I so choose (it’s a choice!).” – Sarah


“This class was a game changer for me. Through our guided meditation practices each morning, I learned what to do, how to do it and I was supported each step of the way by Jessica and our class community. I grew my self-esteem; I became more trusting; I demonstrated more empathy. For the first time, I learned to listen to an inner wisdom that was greater than anything I had ever heard before. Finally, I was able to experience the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. Jessica, our teacher, brought a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy, humor, and vision to our spiritual paths. She extracted lessons from everyday practical experiences and provided deep encouragement. Always, I felt comfortable and welcome. She inspired me to believe in myself and to awaken to my spiritual capacity. I will always remember the impact those three weeks had on me and my personal growth.”  Suzanne


“Before this class I was easily swept up in the worries and concerns of my day to day “stuff” and now I am much more able to not give that so much energy and attention, but rather to tune into my heart to recognize what I can or should do, and then let go in peace and trust. It’s a wonderful thing, and I am truly grateful for the tools that I’ve learned here.” – Sharon


“This class was a transformative, expansive experience which I’m so glad I said “yes” to.  Her leadership is the perfect mix of light, humorous, easy-going and strong, tell-it-like-it-is.  The guided meditations and group phone session were invaluable. Get ready for change and sign up.”  – Susannah


“I never before or since was as “in tune” with my intuition as when I was immersed in Jessica Colp’s “21 Days of Inner Knowing” class. I took actions at the time that helped my Mom and my aunt get through the sudden loss of my dear Uncle Bob, making a trip to Florida on the spur of the moment to help out. I said to my fellow classmates and my teacher, Jessica, “I want to give my Aunt Flo a hug.” My mom was able to finance the trip, manifesting the abundance in my life, and I proceeded to have the most amazing quick trip south from Albany, New York to help out with their house stuff and to give both my mom and my aunt Flo a badly needed hug! Thanks Jessica for swooping in with your class and changing the course of my life for the better. I continue to try to recapture that space of love I was living from my heart during that 21 days.”  -Dwight


“Before this class my meditation was in a rut and I wondered when I’d leave this plateau and move on to the next.. Now I have broken through with new tools and am happy to explore my meditation practice. The reason I sign up for these 21 day classes is like going to the gym, you get demonstrable results when you practice consistently. I’ve always been impressed with the results. It has taken my meditation practice to new levels.” – Greg
The reason I signed up this year is because having a daily community practice really helps to elevate my personal practice. This class especially resonates with me at this time when I’m becoming more powerful in myself. I got so much out of it last year and I wanted to sign up again this year to see how much further I can take it now that I am feeling more confident and potent. Powering up my practice!” – Cherry


“I sign up for all of Jessica’s classes because the wisdom that she brings in each of her classes is unique to the class, to the participants, and to the work she is doing outside of class, her own continuous learning. I so appreciate that!! She shares what she learns and no class she teaches is on repeat its fresh and i’ve been working with her for over four years and have grown exponentially in those years than the 30+ before.” – Erica


“Last year this class helped me in more ways than I could ever list. Overall, taking these daily meditation classes help me to stay more grounded and centered. I feel so awesome after each and everyday of class and it extends into the rest of my day and the rest of my life! The classes and you are amazing! That’s all there is to it!” – Alex


“I enjoy the consistency, early morning meditation. It set’s the tone of my day. And it Works, and I need it, and it’s really fun.” – Bianca


The most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION I receive is something like this: My schedule conflicts with the calls.  Will I get as much out of the class if I am just listening to the recordings?

My answer is an enthusiastic: Yes!  Your commitment and participation is what matters.  If you don’t make the calls live, you are still invited to listen to the recording, do the meditation, participate in all the activities, and to share on the Facebook page.   It’s all as potent as you want it to be!

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