Are you vibing abundance or scarcity?

Posted on 18 November 2023

We’re entering a season of holidays and year-end wrap up and things may be getting busy for you! The days are darker, the temperatures are cooler, and I wonder how you’re feeling in mind and spirit.

Several of my clients last week were commenting to me about how challenging this year has been, and how hard some things have felt. Has that been your experience too?

If you’re feeling tired, worn down and maybe depleted, I get that. It’s rather normal for this season, which is why every year around this time I offer my favorite class on my favorite subject — abundance.

Life is often hard and full of challenges. It’s easy to feel lack and scarcity, cynicism and limitation. I can’t argue with that.

But Life is also full of possibilities, gifts and blessings. Those aspects of Life are always there too.

This is an Abundant Universe. There is more than enough for you and everyone else too.

When I presume that, turn up my level of appreciation, and soften into more receptivity, I experience abundance is all kinds of ways. My needs are met I have more than enough. Life is good to me.

This time of year, especially, I feel a strong pull to sink in and live from that principle with intention and joy.

Care to join me?

From Scarcity to Abundance, a reset class begins Thursday November 30.

It’s a 14 day journey with daily classes available to you each morning. Every day I’ll offer you teachings, principles and practices to take into the streets of your life.

Then together we meet in 3 dynamic, interactive zoom calls to share as well as reset our mind, heart and vibe. All recordings are yours to keep and listen to as many times as you feel called.

Read more and register here.

Something big and powerful happens when you turn your focus towards what’s good in your life and open to receive more of it.

Money flows activate.

Things that were stuck begin to move.

Offers and invitations show up.

Timing feels easy and kindness paves the way.

Life matches the energy, tone and posture you meet it with.

You set the vibe.

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