Are you too hard on yourself?

Posted on 06 August 2018

Sometimes a coaching session is like a confessional. People tell me things they haven’t told other people. They lay it all out, because I’m listening without any judgment.

And here’s something I have learned from years of listening….

People who learn to laugh at the disasters they’ve created or the crap they have chosen can change it with far more agility than people who beat themselves up for it.

Judgment is rigid.
Laughter is an easy energy for pivoting.

Often, as a coach, that’s what I provide. A wider and lighter perspective. And the easy space of allowance in which laughter is possible.

“What did you do? 
Wow! That was a mess!”

And we giggle.

“What did you say? 
Ouch! That did not calm anything down, did it?”

And we snort.

We, as the people we are, are funny. Sometimes we do ALL the wrong things. Sometimes we act like total fools. Sometimes our grasping, our insecurities, our tempers run the show.

And so it is…

Does it have to be a big deal?

Find yourself cute.

And choose again.

Apologize if it’s needed.

Make amends if that will create more.


Pivot into a different energy, a different choice, a different creation.

You get as many shots at this things called YOUR LIFE as you choose. And just because you’d re-do it a different way if you had a chance, doesn’t make you a failure.

You learn as you go. And that’s just how it is.

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