Are You Prioritizing Joy?

Posted on 31 January 2015

Are you willing to be even happier this year than you were last year?

I ask that question as an invitation, not a frivolous suggestion.  Happy people have energy to contribute.  We NEED more happy people on the planet,  and though I haven’t met anyone yet who has told me they don’t want to be happy, I haven’t met all that many people who radiate joy at the level they’re capable of.

And how do you create more joy in your life?  You gotta feel your way–!  And then keep moving in the direction of what gives you pleasure.

One of my clients prioritized joy last year. She made it the most important determiner in her life, and that led to some radical changes.  Over the course of a year she let go of her job, her house, her kids’ school and her city. For a good while she had a hard time talking about her choices with friends – she could feel their judgment and fear for her. Yet, this week, she told me how many of her friends are now checking in with her to see if the ‘risk’ paid off. She can feel how they want what she’s got –  lightness, optimism, and more freedom than she’s given herself in years!

My client didn’t STOP thinking in order to prioritize joy. She thought through the timing of her choices carefully, and made plans accordingly.

First, however, she had to pay attention to what gave her joy.  She had to develop a sensitivity to what in her life helped her feel good and what didn’t. That awareness took time!  It also took a good deal of trust in herself.  And after stepping into her own clarity, THEN, she engaged her thinking mind to help her.

Do you love yourself enough to create your life this way?

It’s self love. It’s worthiness. It’s radical prioritizing. And you CAN BE it! Just keep asking – What do I enjoy? What do I want more of? What gives me pleasure? And move in that direction.

How good can it get?   I dare you to find out. 


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