Are you fully onboard with what you desire?

Posted on 11 July 2022

When you want to create something new or different in your life, one of the first steps is to truly get yourself onboard for it. It doesn’t work just to want something — you’ll have to change your thinking and shift your internal state to have what you desire.

It sounds simple, but it can feel really hard!

The problem within all of us is that the internal reality we’re weaving is often complicated and messy. We have a lot of thoughts in our heads – often very contradictory ones.

We can be thinking “I can do this” at the same time we’re arguing for how we can’t.
We can get excited about possibilities one minute, but be weighed down by cynicism the next.
We can project a confident personality, while shaming ourselves on the inside.

All of that inner conflict is read by the world around us no matter what we’re trying to project.

When I coach clients who are interviewing for new jobs, I know that the amazing position that seems elusive, will only remain so until they’ve grown into the higher self-esteem and self-image that matches the job. The desire requires this growth. When they can steadily hold thoughts about themselves that are healthy and balanced, they authentically feel confident and certain in their capacities, and in that congruence they light up in their interview in such a way that is unmistakable. That’s when the job lands in.

It’s the same with my client’s love lives, and financial goals, and health issues. It’s how creation works. When our inner conflicts dissipate, our thoughts, feelings and actions line up, and the results created are a match to that growth!

I say all this to remind you – learning to work with yourself and tend to your inner realms is the juiciest work! It’s actually one of the most important skills you can develop. You can know yourself, comfort yourself, grow yourself, and create yourself anew – over and over, by becoming aware of your thoughts, noticing your feeling states and choosing who you become.

Think better thoughts.
Love yourself through your inner conflicts.
Create habits that help you do this.

Cleaning up your messy mind and directing yourself towards healthy states of being is work, but it pays off exponentially.

You can do this inner work in coaching sessions with me, but you can also learn some basic self-coaching skills and tend to yourself on the daily. This is what I’m teaching in the upcoming Inner Work Mastermind. I’d like to have you. Read more and register HERE.

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