Are you feeling it?

Posted on 26 August 2020

Can I remind you that this is a year of change and transformation? And you’re very likely feeling it.⠀

If your vision of your own future feels less solid and clear than it did last year, that’s okay. As the structures of the world change, our personal visions also change, and that is not wrong.⠀

If your sense of your SELF is changing, that’s okay too. The change that is taking place this year is not just circumstantial. It’s also internal. ⠀

Change requires time, space and patience. ⠀

In the meantime, as everything is still unformed and unclear…⠀

It’s good to be in awe.⠀
It’s good to be in question.⠀
It’s good to cultivate peace and joy in the present.⠀

As I coach my clients, we find these three elements together:⠀

1. We marvel at what is different. We step back a few steps, view it all through a broad lens, and exclaim, “Woah! All this has happened! All this has changed!” Such acknowledgment orients you to what’s here now and dissipates wrongness. ⠀

2. We get into questions that presume possibility. “What is this change creating? What is it making room for? What new strengths and skills is it growing inside of you? What is possible now because of it? ” With these questions, we step away from cynicism into hopefulness. ⠀

3. We consciously look for the smallest action that can create the greatest opening. We ask, “What can you adjust to give yourself a little more space, relieve some pressure, or help you refill your tank?” We honor what’s here, and what’s being felt, but we also look for ways to choose ease, peace and joy through it all. ⠀

Transformation can’t be rushed, but it can be received. Welcome it. Surrender to it. Honor it.⠀

You can walk through those steps yourself, and make them part of your self-talk and self-care. And, also, I’m here for you, ready to support you on your path. Pop yourself in my calendar anytime.

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