What are you aiming for next in your career, in your relationships, with money, and with your body?

Do you have an awareness of what you can choose and create this year?

Great! Now BE it!

Be the energy of what you’re asking for next, and you will create it with ease.

This is alignment.
This is congruence.
This is BEING coherent with your desires.

To have something different, you have to BE different.
To have something more, you have to expand into BEING more.

And that, my friends, is a choice and a practice.



Join me for 8 days of Alignment: a daily practice class with potent discussion, consciousness tools, and energy work.

Through our daily practices, you will…

√ Perceive the future you’ve been asking for.
√ Embody the energy of that new future.
√ Notice where you are not being congruent with what you say you’d like to have – and shift that!
√ Relax into receiving from Earth, the unified field, and the quantum entanglements that create with you.
√ Re-align and re-calibrate your energy for greater ease and joy.



Class was live by phone in January 2019. Purchase and receive all recordings.






“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.” ~Patti

“So grateful for this class. I have received so much space and ease and joy and am now interested in my way of being in the world and my interactions with everyone in it. The first three calls literally blew my mind and I had to listen at least three times to each!! Thank you, Jessica, for always having our back and giving us surprising insights while also being totally vulnerable and open. The epitome of being in allowance and being the question. Your joy for this work shines through everything you do. And love and gratitude to all the others on this journey and their shares which informed my own choices. Deep appreciation and gratitude to all. ~ Peter

I haven’t chimed in much, however I love this series! I am replaying the recordings a few times a day, especially since crunchy areas seem to pop up lately….I enjoy the lightness and ease of the calls,and also mind blowing in many ways, ~ so grateful.” – B.P.

“Wow, it is amazing the flood of emotion that can be received as you start becoming visible and lowering barriers. I went from uncomfortable to settled into myself and space. What a wonderful first day!” – Sam

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