Abundance or Scarcity?

Posted on 30 October 2018

How’s it going? Check your abundance meters! Are you letting yourself have the abundance life is giving you?

I experience abundance as more than enough. it’s having all my needs met and a sense of well-being and fullness. It’s money. But it’s more than that. It’s an overflowing space of possibility. There is no shortage. There is no lack. Everything is here now, and I am grateful. I receive it all and expand into more.

That’s abundance! It’s an ENERGY!

Can you tap into that right now?

The crazy thing about THAT energy is that it’s available ALL THE TIME!

Yet, very often we don’t choose it. And of course we don’t — the circumstances of our lives are so distracting – bank balances, unexpected bills, to-do lists that we can’t keep up with, and overwhelm.

When we collapse and see only the surface problems, we get nervous. The clench of worry and fear is the bad habit of scarcity.  Anxiety generates more scarcity and fear, and, Friends, I know…. climbing out of that rabbit hole can take some work!

Or just practice. 😉

Living the energy of abundance in your life is a choice you can make easily and quickly with practice. It’s an energetic state that you can be so familiar with, it’s easy to choose when you catch yourself clenching in worry or collapsing in overwhelm. And the beauty of this simple choice is that BEING the energy of abundance is what actually shifts your circumstances.

First you BE it, then you create it. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Be the energy of abundance by opening up, turning on a flow of gratitude, delighting it what you already have. From there the bills get paid more easily, the projects at work smooth out, the kindness of strangers makes it way in, and the things that were problems before aren’t any more.

Be it. And the worlds changes.

Starting Thursday, November 1, BEING the energy of abundance is our aim for 21 Days in a row. Would you like to join us?  The class is Living Abundance: a 21 Day practice class in HAVING it all and RECEIVING more.

Or book some abundance sessions this month. I’d love to have one on one time with you to talk about all the stuff you’re perceiving as ‘problems’ that don’t have to be.

it’s your life. Embrace it with the energies that actually create more for you.

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