After all the ups and downs of this year, where are you energetically landing?

Is your attention on scarcity or abundance?
Are you celebrating what this year has given you, or are you nervous and looking ahead with dread?
Are you contracting or are you expanding to be a match to what you’d like to have and create next?

The truth is we live in an Abundant Universe.
 There is more than enough for you (and everyone else too!)

Breathe, center and remember…

When things fall away, more comes in.
When plans change, other possibilities open up.
When you have a desire for more, and you expand to receive it, more can and will show up for you.

Join me for a three week Abundance class to clean up your vibration and recalibrate your energy field.


In this 22 day class, we’ll shift our baseline to that of ABUNDANCE with the following practices:

√ We’ll appreciate what we have. We’ll delight in, celebrate, revel in what comes to us. By cultivating joy and fulfillment as our default way of being we begin to embody abundance. We’ll embrace the blessings of our ives and speak of our abundance.

√  We’ll notice when we are in scarcity mode. We’ll catch ourselves in the downward spiral of our scarcity thinking, and notice when we are repelling instead of receiving. At the point of noticing, we’ll practice either slowing down that momentum or make conscious choices to interrupt and shift our patterns.

√  We’ll expand our field and open to RECEIVE. As we open our hearts and soften to the world, we’ll perceive new possibilities in alignment with what we’ve been asking for. We’ll say YES and follow our impulses. (We’ll also declutter, and initiate new flows in places we’ve been gridlocked.)

√ And, we’ll ask Life to create more with us, remembering that we’re not just here to survive, we’re here to thrive.




• The recordings of all 22 days of class.  (Class was recorded live each morning from Nov 30 to December 21, 2020.)

• Practical tools, questions and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life.





Note: I offer daily practice classes because they create the most change. These classes are laboratories of consciousness in which we practice a new way of being, and then observe the impact on our lives. Our lives are created out of who we are being even more than out of what we are doing. As we get that order of priority straight, mountains move easily and miracles abound.

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