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0012I believe in people.

And I believe in the possibilities of life.  To get this, I had to learn how to believe in me and in all the possibilities that I encompass.

This I’ve learned, this I know — I am all possibility,  I am a powerful creator,  I am always growing and expanding, and ultimately, I am an expression of love.

And I am not unique in this.  What I am, you are too.

I know how powerful it is to have someone to be able to talk to who holds a high vision for who you really are when you can’t remember it for yourself.  It’s helped me.  It’s how I could rebuild my life after my marriage ended. It’s how I could morph my teaching career several times into new directions of teaching that matched my desires and supported my integrity. It’s how I could give up my amazing career and life in Alaska and drive the 3500 miles to California to start over, simply because I wanted to create a new life again.

More than one wise woman has held a grand vision of me, for me, and helped me to create that vision into a reality for myself.  And as I hold that space for others, I am incredibly fulfilled to give back what has been given to me.

So, who am I?  I’m an Alaskan girl, loving life in Southern California!  I am a former high school teacher, a yoga teacher, and a damn good bartender.  I love owls, coffee and dance.  I read more books and invest in more classes than anyone I know.  I’m a certified Empowerment and Energy Leadership coach, and I have a full toolbox of modalities and resources that I share with my clients.

After over a decade of full-time coaching, there’s very little you could share with me that will surprise me.  I love conversation.  I love connecting with people, finding lightness in the things that feel heavy, and watching my clients feel their way into a place of centered power and potency.  When you’re there, you can create anything!

And, thankfully, I attract the most diverse people!  My clients are project managers, parents, corporate executives, financial advisors, middle management, students, healers, entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians, film directors, actors, counselors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, lawyers and more.  They work at non-profits, large companies, small companies, or from their living rooms.  They come from all kinds of backgrounds, they’re a variety of ages, they are both men and women.  And I love them all!

Come and work with me!  Sign up for a class or for one-on-one sessions.  Join my community and invest in yourself.

There’s so much to create.  And you are more than capable.

With love,


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