A New Year Blessing

Posted on 01 January 2013

This year, may you be even more kind to yourself. May you judge yourself less, and celebrate yourself more. May you love yourself no matter your mood, forgive yourself quickly for any perceived mistakes, and treat yourself kindly, with the generosity of spirit with which you’d love your most beloved friend.

May you play more and express joy and delight as freely as a child.  May you lighten up, laugh often, dance, and sing songs… just because. May you doodle on the edges of your serious affairs, see life through innocent eyes, and let your imagination run wild in the direction of a future that is bright and abundant for all.

May you connect deeply within. May you turn inward daily to hear your Heart. May you enjoy the silence and stillness of meditation, and communion with the Divine in prayer. May you sense your connection to the All, feel yourself in the unified field of Oneness, and remember that you are never separate or alone.

May you connect daily with the world around you. May you look your brothers and sisters in the eye, see the good in all people, and say I love you many times a day. May you honor the Earth, be awed by the beauty and abundance of nature, and hear the messages of the animal and plant kingdoms. May you be generous. May you be kind.

May you be less of a consumer and more of a co-creator. May you circulate your money in ways that enrich your life and support the world you want to live in. May you appreciate the abundance that is always available to you, and experience yourself as prosperous and fulfilled.

May you be receptive to the good that is seeking you. May you stop trying so hard, let go of the thinking that it’s all on you, and be more attuned to the synchronicities that abound each day. May you listen more and think less. May you hear your heart’s guidance and trust your own knowing. May you stay in the flow. 

May you honor your body as the temple of  your Spirit. May you nourish yourself with kind words, breathe deeply, and stretch daily. May you be discerning of what you feed your body and your mind, see your own beauty, and move through your world with confidence and grace. 

May you daily let go of what no longer serves you. May you grow in the direction of your highest intentions.  May you speak only truth and always, always act in the highest integrity. 

May you stay awake longer, and ever be more Who you came here to be.


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