21 days of receiving

How receptive are you?

Do you receive from Life, from the world around you, from your home, your car, your people and your pets?

Or do you often live as a one-person show, cut off from the gifting and receiving that could be your reality?

What could you be receiving from Life that you haven’t been receiving?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it? Is it possible that you’ve been more practiced at refusing and rejecting than at receiving?  Most people are.

What if you changed that? What if you choose each day to relax and graciously receive every energy, every gift, everything from everyone with no judgment of it?

The energy of receiving is potent!  It’s creative.  It’s transformative.

When you are willing to receive from all of life, you have access to far more awareness, creation is easier, and life is more fun.

Has it been a while since anyone has flirted with you?  Do you have less money than you desire?  Are you tired at the end of every day?  Stop refusing life, stop rejecting the energies that are there for you, and something else is possible.

Come practice that with me!

Join me for 21 days.  We’ll meet by phone each morning (or you can join in via recording afterwards).


Together we’ll…

√ Lower our walls and barriers.
√ Expand our space and awareness.
√ And open to receive from all of life.


In the course of our class, we’ll shine some light on our old programs and patterns of rejection.  We’ll notice what we’re refusing and resisting.  And we’ll embody a different energy — something that’s not normal in this world — the energy of openness to the world around us.

This class is guided by many tools from Access Consciousness™.
what you'll receive

21 days worth of classes in downloadable .mp3 format.  Each class was recorded live with a bright community of people who joined me by tele-conference call every morning for 30 minutes.   Day by day we ask questions, meditate, shift energy, clear limitation, journal and expand into a space of receiving.



How does it get any better than this?



And how you do you know if this class is for you?  Of course, you feel it!  Ask — “if I give myself this class, what will it create in my life?”  Now notice what you receive. It may be a little lift in your reality.  A feeling of lightness or expansion. If so, say YES.  When you follow the light, you create more of that!


I offer daily practice classes because they’re the most impactful and practical kind of class I can facilitate.  Show up every day and allow a recalibration to a higher harmonic of awareness.  Practice new energetic tools, and expand your consciousness within a supportive group of classmates.




The reason I signed up this year is because having a daily community practice really helps to elevate my personal practice. This class especially resonates with me at this time when I’m becoming more powerful in myself. I got so much out of it last year and I wanted to sign up again this year to see how much further I can take it now that I am feeling more confident and potent. Powering up my practice!” – Cherry


“I sign up for all of Jessica’s classes because the wisdom that she brings in each of her classes is unique to the class, to the participants, and to the work she is doing outside of class, her own continuous learning. I so appreciate that!! She shares what she learns and no class she teaches is on repeat its fresh and i’ve been working with her for over four years and have grown exponentially in those years than the 30+ before.” – Erica


“Last year this class helped me in more ways than I could ever list. Overall, taking these daily meditation classes help me to stay more grounded and centered. I feel so awesome after each and everyday of class and it extends into the rest of my day and the rest of my life! The classes and you are amazing! That’s all there is to it!” – Alex


“I enjoy the consistency, early morning meditation. It set’s the tone of my day. And it Works, and I need it, and it’s really fun.” – Bianca

“Jessica is amazing and if you are wondering how I have created so much unbelievable magic in my life, well this woman and her coaching have definitely added & opened the doors to opportunity! She has been a significant contribution in me learning to take responsibility for what I am creating in my life and this world. These are not small things. The work is fun, joyful, and creative. If you’re stuck with some point in your life – relationships, fun, money love, being present, manifesting… whatever it is, this woman can definitely bring it on.” – Corrie, Global Traveler + Yoga Therapist

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