21 Days of Generative Energy-4


What energy do you BE, that when you BE it, generates and creates MORE in your reality?

Have you ever noticed that you have the capacity to change the energy of any space you enter?
Have you ever desired something and then it showed up for you without you DOING anything?
Have you ever been the presence that speeds up reality in such a way that things happen as if by magic?

Would you be willing to BE that every day?

Not small.  Not pathetic.  Not subject to other people’s realities.


Dominate.  Potent.  Bright.


You can BE the Source of energy that allows doors to open and life to rearrange around you.

It’s not hard.  It doesn’t require work or effort.

It’s a choice.  And it’s something to practice, experiment with, and acknowledge.

That’s what we do in our daily practice classes.  We step into more consciousness and more awarenessness of what we are being.

Each day we’ll…

√ Lower our walls and be here — powerfully present in our lives.
√ Access the space beyond point of view and judgment.
√ Turn up our joy and intensity.
√ Ask questions that open the door to possibilities.
√ Expand our awareness and acknowledge our choices.

And in all of this we’ll  transform what is degenerative into new realities that actually work FOR us.

This class is guided by many tools from Access Consciousness™.

what you'll receive

• 30 minute live facilitation and meditation calls every morning for 21 days.

• Practical tools, questions and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life.

• A playful community of bright and potent beings sharing their experience with you!

Here are the details

This class was recorded live from February 8 – 28, 2018. All recordings are uploaded in Dropbox and ready for you to listen to and download.




How does it get any better than this?


I offer daily practice classes because they’re the most impactful and practical kind of class I can facilitate.  Show up every day and choose a greater space of awareness.  Practice new energetic tools, and expand your consciousness within a supportive group of classmates.

And how you do you know if this class is for you?   Ask — “if I choose this class, what will it create in my life?”  Now notice what you receive. It may be a little lift in your reality.  A feeling of lightness or expansion. If so, say YES.  When you follow what’s light for you, what gets created?



The reason I signed up this year is because having a daily community practice really helps to elevate my personal practice. This class especially resonates with me at this time when I’m becoming more powerful in myself. I got so much out of it last year and I wanted to sign up again this year to see how much further I can take it now that I am feeling more confident and potent. Powering up my practice!” – Cherry


“I sign up for all of Jessica’s classes because the wisdom that she brings in each of her classes is unique to the class, to the participants, and to the work she is doing outside of class, her own continuous learning. I so appreciate that!! She shares what she learns and no class she teaches is on repeat its fresh and i’ve been working with her for over four years and have grown exponentially in those years than the 30+ before.” – Erica


“Last year this class helped me in more ways than I could ever list. Overall, taking these daily meditation classes help me to stay more grounded and centered. I feel so awesome after each and everyday of class and it extends into the rest of my day and the rest of my life! The classes and you are amazing! That’s all there is to it!” – Alex


“I enjoy the consistency, early morning meditation. It set’s the tone of my day. And it Works, and I need it, and it’s really fun.” – Bianca


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