2020 changed us. May we be wiser for it.

Posted on 29 December 2020

Here in the last days of the year, I hope you pause and celebrate what you have lived and who you have become.

You are here still!

You have walked your particular curriculum of 2020, and you have grown, you have changed, and if you soften to receive it all, you are wiser for it.

Look over your shoulder and acknowledge the journey:

What was sweet?
What was painful?
What was humbling?

What fell away?
What landed in?

Who walked the path with you as support and friend? (Send them love!)
Who is no longer beside you? (Bless them too!)

Where did you resist?
Where did you flow?
What did you learn?

What do you know now that you wish you’d known earlier? (Go back in time and whisper it to yourself.)

What became simple and clear?
What truths or principles sustained you?

What is now emerging as new desire and hope within you?

Honor it all, my friend! Feel whatever you feel, release whatever you need to release, and walk forward with an open and ready heart.

If you could use a series of sessions to reset for the new year, pop yourself in my calendar. I’m here for you.

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