10+ ideas for kindness you can be in the world today

Posted on 14 February 2019

What kindness can you be in the world today?

Need some ideas?

√ Text a love note to a friend you haven’t spent time with recently.
√ Think of your exes with kindness. See them happy, healthy, and well.
√ Call a family member and recount a favorite memory you have of them.
√ Say hi to your neighbors. Silently wish them abundance and love.
√ Put extra cash in your wallet to give away to people on the street who ask you for money. (Be ready to give. Notice what that creates for you.)
√ Introduce yourself to someone you often encounter but don’t talk to (like the custodian or delivery person). Remember their name so you can greet them personally next time.
√ Buy flowers for you and light up your home with their vibrancy.
√ Clean out your car, and thank it for all the ways it runs smoothly and takes care of you.
√ Rub your feet (or hands or arms or belly) with lotion. Thank your body for being YOUR body.
√ Look for the beauty in everyone you see, even (and especially!) those who look most unhappy and miserable.
√ Slow down and make room for other people — open doors, hold the elevator, let that driver change lanes in front of you. Be the person who remembers that there’s more than enough room for all of us.

Kindness doesn’t require big gestures or a lot of words. It can be as simple as acknowledging that someone or something else exists, and appreciating that they do. When you are present and caring, the world around you relaxes and flows with greater ease.

That’s the power of kindness. It’s generative for you and everyone else too.

Choose it. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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