If you’re feeling pressed against a problem, do this instead…

Posted on 16 March 2021

Are you feeling how Life is working out for you, or are you trying to MAKE it work out for you?  There’s a difference. Can you feel it?

Check in — where in your life do you feel yourself pressed up against a problem?

Maybe something is taking a long time to land in, and that seems like a problem.
Maybe someone’s behavior is rankling you, and they seem like the problem.
Maybe you feel like you’re doing it wrong, and you really want to do it right, and you’re viewing yourself as the problem.

If you’re feeling cornered into problem-solving mode, here’s what I suggest:

Give it all some space. Breath and soften into your simplest intention of resolution.

Put your attention on something else for a while. Notice what in your world is flowing, what makes you smile, what is beautiful or inspiring to you… This shift in attention will shift your inner state of being.

Take action that feels light and fun towards something else. Truly, you can play hooky on your problems for a little while — it will help! Go on a friend-date, get out in nature, wash your car, get a haircut — initiate movement in a different area of your life and give yourself a few hours or a few days off from trying to fix things.

It’s not a waste of time to pause. Take a break is often the most efficient way to speed things up.

As you back up and breathe, more can come in.

Sometimes the problem rearranges itself on its own. The person you’re bothered by might just have a change of heart when you give them space. That delay might actually work out in your favor, if you drop your timeline and let it. And always, putting your attention on other things that are working for you gets you back in your heart — the place from which the inspiration for win-win solutions are born.

Things in life are always shifting and changing — even without you doing too much about them.

Personally, I find such grace in allowing my life to flow with only inspired little nudges from me. When I try to tackle problems with a sledgehammer, I waste energy and make a mess. When I relax and give things space, they work out for me with ease.

It’s not always easy to remember this, especially when you’re a conscientious hard-working person who wants to be on task and do everything right, but… you can practice!

And if you need help, reach out for sessions. I’m happy to remind you to shift perspective, return to your heart, and allow things to work out for you. They will!

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Love is a verb

Posted on 9 February 2021

Happy February! It’s a good month for loving if you choose it to be. It could be romantic and come with chocolates, flowers, and valentines. If that’s not your cup of tea, embrace love in a different way that suits you better.

Sometimes we forget that love is a verb. To be loving is to be guided by an open heart, empathy, kindness and courage. Loving ourselves and our world inspires us toward greater creations and wiser responses.

Take a tough situation in your life and ask yourself:

When I soften into a loving posture, what do I see and know?
What is the most loving action I can take here now?
What does it look like to include all parties (or emotions) in this situation in a loving response?

Choosing to be loving to yourself might include giving yourself support instead of trying to do it all on your own.

Choosing to be loving to others might include you backing away at times and creating breathing room for all parties.

Choosing to be loving at work might include doing your best, but not over-giving or trying to compensate for systems that actually need to be reformed.

You’re not looking for the sweet or sentimental path. You’re looking for the most courageous, inclusive and wisest response — one that will create more for you and everyone else too.

You have a great capacity to be loving. If you forgot that this year, tune back in again. Your love transforms your world.

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Do you know your YES and your NO clearly?

Posted on 27 January 2021

When faced with choices, are you able to find your true YES, NO or MAYBE?

Can you tune in so deeply that you hear your own inner guidance at the soul level?

Can you hold your own and honor your desires even when others desire something different for you?

Can you recognize when and where you need a little more time to gather information?

And can you give yourself space around your choices to find your way through no matter how long it takes?

Even when there is pressure to decide quickly?

Knowing how to find and express your authentic YES and NO is a LIFE SKILL! Could you use a tune up?


YES, NO and MAYBE: a 3 part series begins tomorrow.

We meet Thursday nights at 7pm Pacific 

Jan 28 – Feb 11.

READ MORE HERE, and if it’s a YES for you join us.

It’s $90 or sliding scale “pay what you choose“.

It’s important that you have your voice and your clarity. Now more than ever.


P.S. When you know and express your YES and NO clearly, what shifts in your life?

A lot, right?

Boundaries become easier, time stops being your enemy, and you find yourself flowing with Life instead of beating your head against your problems. That’s what I want for you.

Need a specific session on that? Book it.


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Are you giving yourself enough support?

Posted on 22 January 2021

Here in the first month of 2021, so much has shifted and changed already, and we’ve only just begun!

How will you support yourself as the year continues to unfold?

Here are some of my self-commitments:

Frequent time in nature.
Regular heart-to-heart conversations with friends.
Weekly play-dates with my niece and nephew.
Reading that awakens and inspires me.
Sleep, exercise, healthy food…
Meditation and journaling.
Spiritual practice and daily rituals for inner connection.
Sessions for me.

This isn’t just a list. These are things I DO in order to BE who I desire to be.

Are any of those part of your self-care practice too?

Do a quick inventory yourself:

What have you chosen or put in place to support your mental health?
Your emotional health?
Your physical health?
Your spiritual health?

And where do you need to add in more?

I’m one resource of support. You can book sessions regularly throughout the year or join class offerings. People who work with me tend to their inner realms before facing outer circumstances. It makes a big difference! You can choose that for yourself.

As this year unfolds, you’ll need to tap into your inner resilience, your inner knowing, and your grounding – over and over. You can do that!  But set yourself up for success. Establish habits and practices that help you show up as your best self, and from there, create your world.

Our world can get better and better! I have great hope and faith in that. We just have to choose it, individually and collectively, one day at a time.

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2020 changed us. May we be wiser for it.

Posted on 29 December 2020

Here in the last days of the year, I hope you pause and celebrate what you have lived and who you have become.

You are here still!

You have walked your particular curriculum of 2020, and you have grown, you have changed, and if you soften to receive it all, you are wiser for it.

Look over your shoulder and acknowledge the journey:

What was sweet?
What was painful?
What was humbling?

What fell away?
What landed in?

Who walked the path with you as support and friend? (Send them love!)
Who is no longer beside you? (Bless them too!)

Where did you resist?
Where did you flow?
What did you learn?

What do you know now that you wish you’d known earlier? (Go back in time and whisper it to yourself.)

What became simple and clear?
What truths or principles sustained you?

What is now emerging as new desire and hope within you?

Honor it all, my friend! Feel whatever you feel, release whatever you need to release, and walk forward with an open and ready heart.

If you could use a series of sessions to reset for the new year, pop yourself in my calendar. I’m here for you.

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Are you aware of where you’re contracting?

Posted on 28 November 2020

Earlier this month, inspired by a few clients who were making big shifts in our sessions, I wrote a short list of questions and sat with them:

Where am I collapsing?
Where am I feeling small?
What does that part of me need?
What can I choose that is caring for myself?
Where can I find an energy of empowerment?
What choices do I have here?

Asking these questions helped me become aware of places I had contracted this year, and not yet expanded — places that felt like tightness in my being.

That’s not surprising, is it? The circumstances of this year have uniquely had their way with each of us. Have you been feeling an impact too?

Life unfolds in ways we can’t control.
Our biggest choice is in how we BE with it all.

We can resist or receive. We can complain or look for blessings. We can take on a defensive posture of self-protective, or we can care for ourselves in ways that allow us to expand and unwind.

We can grow and thrive… and receive it all as gold.

That’s a path of abundance, chosen from the inside out. I desire that for me and also for you, especially as we come close to ending this year and beginning the next.

However you spent Thanksgiving, I hope you created time to relax, count your blessings, and appreciate your life. If not, create space now. Sit with those questions above too, and let me know what arises within you. When you open and expand, more always arrives.

I’m here for you — with sessions, and also with a daily group class that starts Monday, called Abundance. Read more and register here.

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As we end 2020, attune again to abundance.

Posted on 24 November 2020

Every so often I recognize that it’s time to purposefully re-tune myself to abundance, possibility and flow. As we approach the end of 2020, I’m at that time again. Are you?

It’s been a year of change. Some things are coming to an end and dissolving. Some things are being created and innovated and we can’t yet see the impact of all of it.

We can look around and acknowledge that many are out of work. Our economy is not what we’re used to, and we don’t know what’s ahead.

Maybe your financial situation has changed this year too.

I acknowledge it all. I also have awareness of it. I feel the anxiety of the world around me, and some days it’s a challenge to remember what I know.

But I do know this: This is an Abundant Universe. There is more than enough for me and everyone else too. I’ve built my life and my business on this principle and it serves me well.

Living in that presumption of abundance creates a different experience of life. It shifts me out of fear into presence. I remember that government, pandemics, and economic conditions are not the source of my well-being. My source is Life itself.

This is the spiritual grounding that allows me to relax, and as I relax I am more creative, more attuned to possibility, more inspired, more resilient. Abundance lies here.

Abundance is a state of all my needs met. That includes money. It also includes everything else that contributes to my well-being.

When I cultivate that inner state of abundance, miracles show up, problems solve themselves, and there is ease in my world. When I vibe abundance, I don’t horde or contribute to problems — I am generous, and my actions contribute to solutions.

That ’s what I desire for me. That’s what I desire for you.

If you could use some support in stepping out of scarcity into the energy of abundance, join me for December’s daily class, ABUNDANCE.

We start Monday, November 30 and finish on Solstice, December 21. Class is $133, or “pay what you choose.” Daily classes are a joy, and I’d love to have you. More details HERE.

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Don’t get caught in the polarization.

Posted on 13 November 2020

In Pema Chodron’s book, Welcoming the Unwelcome, she offers a practice she calls “Just like me.”  All you have to do is look out at the world and notice people. With each person, you find something that you can pretty confidently identify is just like you. For example:

Just like me, this person wants to be right.
Just like me, this person wants to survive.
Just like me, this person loses it sometimes.
Just like me this person gets hungry and tired.
Just like me, this person wants to be happy.
Just like me, this person doesn’t want to be humiliated.

The point of the practice is to dissolve our separation, feel our connection and reduce the distance we put between us.

There is great polarization in our world. We can’t avoid that fact. But we can seek to BE something other than polarized. We can start seeing each other beyond our normal filters, and look first for how we are the same.

This practice doesn’t change the other. It changes me.

It returns me to my heart and from there I can perceive a different way forward.

We have some big challenges ahead of us as a nation. You, too, may have some big challenges ahead of you in your life.  Notice when you’re caught in patterns of separation and conflict. And DON’T try to solve your problems from that state. Soften into your heart. Feel your way forward. Innovative solutions and easy pathways are birthed from there.

I have hope for us. And I have hope for you.

If you could use a partner in any of this work, book some sessions. I’m here for you.




This gem of a book by Pema Chodron is our November read in the Books That Change Me book club on the Practical Mystics Playground.  Come join the club and discuss it with me.

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Why I get myself to the beach…

Posted on 6 October 2020

I’ve been getting myself to the beach once a week for several months now. It takes about 45 minutes to get there and at least an hour to get home, and I have to carve out the time in my schedule which isn’t always easy, but week by week I do. Because it serves me.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s cold or sunny or cloudy or windy. I just get myself there. I set up my beach blanket, watch the waves, and feel better for it. There’s a seagull with a broken wing who keeps finding me week after week and demanding that I share my snacks. There are pelicans and sometimes dolphins, and always interesting people around me.

I don’t have a big agenda at the beach. I go because it serves me. No matter how long I stay, I leave feeling better.

This year, especially, I have to pay attention to what I’m choosing that feels good, and what feels bad, what is healthy and what is not, what keeps me sane and stable, and what leaves me wobbly and off kilter. It’s not a luxury to care for myself in this way, it’s a necessity.

Can I remind you of that too?

Your mental health is important.
You inner state of being is important.
Your choice to care for yourself kindly is important.

The world is changing rapidly and demanding our watchfulness and participation . And — this is a big AND — we create best and contribute most when we’re healthy, inspired and capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Pay attention to what you’re choosing, who you’re listening to, how much time you’re investing online and how much in nature. Find your unique balance, consciously and attentively.

I’m teaching a daily class this month called Align First. Take Action Second. I designed this purposefully for the few weeks between now and the election, because I need it. Maybe you do too.

If so, sign up and join in. We begin Saturday.

And, if you discover yourself off kilter or needing support finding your alignment, book sessions. I’m here for you.

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Slow your breathing, calm your nervous system…

Posted on 9 September 2020

Last month I read a book called Breath by James Nestor. It’s a fascinating look at how we breathe and how we can breathe better — though the lens of scientific studies as well as through wisdom and wellness traditions from around the world. It captivated me! What it really gave me though was the reminder to close my mouth, breathe through my nose and slow my breathing down. Simple but helpful. When I breathe this way, I am calmer and steadier.

Try it with me.

Close your mouth.
Breathe through your nose.
Breathe even more slowly.

It’s counter-intuitive, but actually, the less breath you gulp in, the more nourished by the breath your body can become. (Read the book for a far better explanation on that.)

Some of you might be in smokey areas today. If you are, I’m sorry! I know you can’t do much about the quality of the air you’re breathing, but you can regulate your own breath.

Perhaps you can give yourself a few minutes to lie down and slow your breath.
Perhaps you might try alternate nostril breathing to calm your nervous system.
Perhaps you just close your eyes for a moment and take five long slow breaths.

As you slow your breath, notice how present you become to your body, to the space around you, to your inner being. The resources you need for your life are here — within you.

Self care basics are key this year! Also, I’m here for you, ready to support you on your path. Pop yourself in my calendar for a session anytime.

Seek the calm within the storm. It’s as important as the action asked of you by the world.

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