The first life coach I hired…

Posted on 4 May 2022

Years ago, in the months before I left my former job, I hired a life coach for weekly sessions. A big transition was coming. I had chosen it! I was going to cash out my retirement, leave my career, move to Los Angeles, complete training to become a coach, and start my own business.

Was I crazy? Was I sure I wanted to do this? I had a lot to process.

I felt both excitement and waves of self doubt. Parts of me were so confident and clear. Other parts of me were scared to death. Coaching sessions helped me sort it all out so I could grow into the person I needed to become for this change.

My coach heard all of my inner craziness. She was a safe space for it. Week by week she’d listen with so much presence, I would find my calm and steadiness. When I’d lose my vision, she’d hold it. When I was judging myself, she’d reflect a kinder vision of myself back to me.

One day I showed up to my session paralyzed with fear. All the worst case scenarios were swirling in my head. I couldn’t control my thoughts. My coach helped me focus — she had me pull out each fear, name it, feel it, and imagine what I would do if it came true. With her, I let myself feel those big feelings, and as I faced them fully, they shifted. I left that session exhausted but calm, and those fears never came back with as much intensity.

Surprisingly to me, in these sessions we also ended up talking a lot about my grandma. Changing myself meant confronting the ingrained beliefs and patterns of my family system, and my relationship with my grandma was central to those patterns. Our dynamic was complicated. I loved her, but for many reasons, I also resented her. My coach helped me disentangle my identity from hers.

It was such an unexpected bonus that this series of coaching sessions I bought to prepare me for a giant transition in my career, completely transformed my relationship with my grandma. I found a new, cleaner love for her as I developed a clearer sense of myself. I’m so grateful for that because a few years later when my grandma passed away, I had no regrets with her. This is the power of doing your inner work.

I worked with my coach weekly for many months and kept in touch with her afterwards. Over the next few years I accomplished what I dreamed of when I made the choice to leave my job. The worst case scenarios did not come true. I’m grateful I was bold enough to take this path. I like who I’ve become.

Our sessions were a lifeline at the time – I looked forward to them eagerly each week — and I can honestly say that all those things my life coach helped me with over a decade ago are still paying dividends in my life. That’s the power of that investment.

Now I get to be for my clients what she was for me.

This spring I’ve had a number of clients in a similar transition time between jobs. I like holding space for that. I like helping my clients become people who up-level their career and negotiate higher salaries or flexible schedules or different responsibilities. I like helping them shift their self concept to become people who ask for more, make daring changes or pursue the dreams that honor their spirits.

Are YOU poised on the edge of transition?
Are you feeling a change coming?
Are you needing to find some inner strength or clarity that you haven’t fully accessed before?

If so, invest in support for yourself during this time. Coaching sessions help you face your fears, tend to your thoughts and find your solid footing on the inside.

Doing the inner work is always worth it, and I promise you, it will pay off in ways you can’t yet see.

I’m here for that and for you!


If you’re interested in working together, let’s talk! I offer a free consultation to explore where you are and where you want to be, what growth edges you’re surfing and how coaching might support you. Book a consultation time here.

And, if you’re a former client ready for more inner work, schedule more sessions with me here.

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I want you to be centered

Posted on 7 April 2022

I want you to be the calm in the storm.

I want you to feel grounded, clear and embodied.

I want you to be centered.


Because when you’re centered, you are empowered.

You don’t have to default to people pleasing or capitulating or making nice in order to navigate other people’s agendas.

You don’t have to have push or pull to get what you want.

When you’re centered you walk through the world with an aura of inner strength and stability, and this changes every situation and environment and relationship you engage in.

From center you know what to do, what to say, when to act, and also, when to wait and listen and allow. You are smarter and wiser and more empowered to create win-wins – with ease!

From center you have access to your skills, your intuition and your heart.

People who live from center create a kinder, greater world. And the world needs more of that.

Living life from a centered state is like learning a new posture. It takes practice. When you know what it feels like, you’ll notice more quickly when you fall out of center, when you lean into someone else’s experience or get pulled into someone else’s agenda or sidestep what’s actually here. You’ll catch yourself. You’ll right yourself. And you’ll do it over and over again until it becomes your natural way of being.

That’s the point of our daily class this month, First, Get Centered. We’ll meet every morning for 22 days, live or by recording, to practice, observe, share our insights and adjust our way of being in the world. Class is $111. We begin Monday. Join us.

Note: I teach a handful of daily classes each year because they’re one of the biggest boosts to my clients. If you haven’t taken part in a daily class yet, come join us for this one! Read more and register HERE.

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When you’re ready to say enough is enough

Posted on 5 April 2022

I love when brand new clients, especially those who have never worked with a coach before, choose to invest in coaching. Typically they are a little nervous to work with me, but fed up enough with something in their life that they’re willing to be bold.  Hiring me is a big statement to themselves that they’re making a change.

On some level of their being by committing to a series of sessions they’re saying, “I’m important. This issue is important. I’m willing to change it. I believe things can get better.”

That might not be fully integrated into their self talk, but it’s there within them. And that’s our starting point.

When you begin, even just a little, to believe that you matter, your happiness matters, your life matters, and that things can get better, then things CAN get better. 

Your relationships, your job, your schedule, your finances, your life — all of it should work for you. Your life should suit you. If some aspect of your life doesn’t — if it drains you, is full of chronic problems, insults your spirit, or feels like a compromise of who you actually are — that isn’t healthy. And you can change that.

Everything can be changed.
Everything can be transformed into something that suits you better.

Sometimes it changes through tiny tweaks. Sometimes through radical overhauls. Sometimes from walking away and starting anew. But first it starts with you saying, “Enough. I’m changing this.” 

From that inner declaration a whole new set of possibilities emerge. From there you can examine how and why and who you’re being, and you can choose differently.

It’s work to change — both inner and outer — but it’s work that pays off In fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.

Is that you?

Are you feeling enough dissatisfaction or frustration to stop and center yourself on what really matters to you?

If so, I’m here for you. Book a free consultation. Tell me what’s not working for you, what you want instead, and what you feel is holding you back. I’ll offer you my full presence, everything I’ve learned from coaching so many others before you, and my full faith that you can have what you desire.

More is possible. It starts with believing that.


P.S.  Would your life and relationships change if you were less reactive and more centered? Come join this spring’s class offering: First, Get Centered, and practice finding your center before you take action.  We start next week!  Read more and register here.

P.S.S. Are you a former client, ready for another deep dive, schedule more sessions here.

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Are you using your imagination?

Posted on 3 March 2022

One of my clients says that she uses her sessions with me to activate her imagination. I get that! A lot of our world is already imagined for us. To sit in the seat of the dreamer and imagine a future that excites you takes focus and belief.

Coaching sessions are my client’s space in which to talk about what she’s wanting and to explore what stands in her way. It helps her to have a dedicated time for this, because otherwise it doesn’t happen. The space to dream is precious and powerful. From here the actions of creation follow.

Maybe, like her, your imagination is a little rusty. Maybe your circumstances have your full attention and you haven’t been sensing a future beyond your problems.

If that’s the case, sit with me and focus.
Talk with me and borrow some of my belief for you.

What could be possible for you in the next 2 to 3 years? Expansion in your career? A big move? More love and connection? Greater health? Exciting leadership opportunities? Creative expression?

What might even be possible in the next year if you imagined greater now?

The road to more requires you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You’ll have to change along the way. You’ll have to shift your priorities and expand your thinking and see with new eyes. I can help you with that.

I’ll remind you that it’s not futile or foolish to dream bigger. I’ll challenge your cynicism and help you see where you are limiting yourself with outdated beliefs or jaded perspectives. I’ll help you hear the wisdom inside of you that absolutely knows the next step and then the next… and leads you forward.

It’s audacious to be a person who imagines greater. But, please, Friend, do! The world is better when we imagine better.

P.S. If we worked together for 6 months, what would change? What could you create? Interested? If you’re not already a client, book a free consultation. Tell me what you’re dreaming of, what you’re wanting to be different, and what seems to be stopping you. I’ll offer you my full presence, everything I’ve learned from 12 years of coaching experience, and my knowing that you can have what you desire.

P.S. If you’re a former client, ready for another deep dive, schedule more sessions here.

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Why you should talk about your problems (and how)

Posted on 4 February 2022

I love that I have a job where people tell me all their problems. For real! My job is to listen to people talk about the things in their life that are hard and aren’t working, and I enjoy it, because it’s so important.

We NEED to talk about our problems! We need to pay attention to our discontent. We need to listen to our anger and frustration. We need conversations about what’s not working for us.

Problems are information. They’re your cue to change course or do differently or uncover something new. They aren’t to be ignored.

I’m not the person that people just vent to. As a life coach I hear it all, and I get to be part of the solution.

Here’s how to talk about your problems:

  • Own your feelings, your thoughts, and also your role in the problem.
  • Note specifically what isn’t working for you.
  • Identify what you’re making the problem mean.
  • Wonder about what’s really at the heart of it all.
  • And somewhere in there get curious and creative. Seek a solution!

Solutions come from seeking new perspectives that lead you to new choices.

Be a different energy, take a different stance, make a different ask, add a different ingredient — one little change can unlock a whole situation. Always, there’s a way forward that is better, but you have to believe it and look for it.

Having problems isn’t a problem. Being stuck in them is.

This year, be proactive. Use me. Book sessions and move through your stuck points faster and with higher solutions than you might come up with when you feel low.

You can change that relationship, get that job, pay off that debt, take that vacation, fall in love, be the person you want to be — I know you can! No matter the circumstance, there is a solution and a path that is healthy and true for you. Seek it.


P.S. Would you like to work with me this year? It’s fun to have a coach! And it’s an investment in your happiness and your future. If you’re not already a client, I invite you to schedule a consultation. It’s free, it’s 30 minutes, and it’s your time to tell me what you’re dreaming of, and for us to explore how I can help get there.


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Questions for year end reflection

Posted on 29 December 2021

I love these days between the Christmas and New Years. I like that it’s chilly. I like lighting candles in the evening. I like creating coziness on dark nights and reflecting. What was this year for me?

I’ve also been doing end of year sessions with clients, and reflecting with them. It’s rich to look back and acknowledge what we’ve lived through. By acknowledge I mean give it all a nod and show it some respect. Appreciate. Grieve. Celebrate. Reassess. Acknowledging gives us a broad view and softens our gaze in such a way that we can sense patterns and trajectories, themes and lessons. It helps us see what’s emerging and how we’re growing, and lead us towards what we’re called to next.

Here are questions you can sit with — with your journal or a beloved:

  • What did you experience in the last year that was hard and challenging? Did you live through some difficulties? Did you have times of the year in which Life took you to your knees? What did these challenges teach you? Did they crack you open and make you more tender? Did they forge new resiliency in you? Are you stronger now or perhaps still healing?
  • Where was the joy in your year? Can you recall moments of satisfaction and happiness? Who was present? What filled you and delighted you? Where did you create space for play and adventure? What nourished you at the level of heart and soul? What do you want more of?
  • Where did your energy and attention go? To whom did it go? What was asked of you? Did your priorities match your values? f you had a re-do what might you have chosen instead?
  • In what areas are you more confident? In what areas are you more humble? Are you becoming a person you like to be?
  • When you feel into the wisest parts of you, what do they tell you about the path forward? What are you longing for? What are your heart’s desires? What new possibilities do you see? Who do you want to become next?

Instead of making New Year’s goals or resolutions, aim for something a little softer, with more room for the unexpected – a word or theme that encapsulates a deep intention.

When you have yours, find ways to anchor it in your consciousness. Perhaps with a piece of jewelry, a playlist, a write up in the front page of a new journal — or share it with me and let it be the foundation of our work together this year.

I wish you warmth and comfort as you end this year. May you feel at peace with what has been and who you have become.


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What is YOUR joy?

Posted on 9 December 2021

My grandma, who lived to be 100 years old, used to say “joy joy joy” repeatedly. It was a mantra of hers, and everyone who knew her knew it. In this holiday season that mantra is in my head.

Personally, I feel like joy is a big part of the meaning of life.

…My Monday night dance class just started back up again indoors for the first time since the pandemic began. That’s my joy!
…The holiday tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my niece and nephew is my joy.
…My house lit up with lights and candles each evening after the sun goes down so early — that’s joy.
…My morning turmeric latte in a big ass mug is joy too.

The things that are my joy are the things that nourish me.

Noticing what’s joy to me is important.
Noticing what isn’t, is valuable too.

I had a few intentions for this month that were feeling heavy and unclear. When I slowed down and got present with them, I realized they were no longer lighting up for me. Not joyful. And actually not necessary. I let those go.

The thing about joy is that it’s not superfluous, it’s essential to our spirit

Joy takes us out of our head and into the moment of now. It can be found in small moments as well as big ones. And no, It’s not selfish to prioritize joy. It’s wise.

What is YOUR joy?
Where can you prioritize joy this month?
What can you create this holiday season that is nourishing and joyful for you (and your loved ones too)?

This season may be a full one for you… but don’t get so caught up in the busy pace that you miss the moments that will fill and delight you.


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Year End Coaching Special

Posted on 2 December 2021

We’ve arrived at December — the last month of the year. How are you doing?

For so many, this year has been a lot! 2020 rocked us for sure, but 2021 may have felt uniquely exhausting. As I coach I’m seeing how much people need the space to process and feel, to lift their heads and survey the landscape, and eventually to remember their own state of empowerment to choose and create.

If you could use some support for that, book some year end sessions with. me. I’ve designed a 3 session package as a guided series for healing and renewal — to ready you for January and a fresh start to a new year.

This series is for you if…

… you know this year has grown you, but you haven’t had a chance to process the lessons.
… you’ve been feeling cynical and defeated and you know that’s not you.
… you’ve been too overwhelmed to think of what you could choose next.
… you WANT to lighten up and feel clear in intention for 2022.
… you know there’s a lot to grieve and feel, and you need some space for that.

Come, lay it down with me. I’ll hold the space for you to feel what’s in your heart, listen to your inner wisdom, and ask the questions that tap you back into vision and clarity.

In session 1, you’ll MINE THE GOLD with me.  What happened that was hard, what were the gifts, and how can you let it all be gold for you?

In session 2, we’ll explore what’s there to RELEASE, forgive, and surrender. We’ll also begin explore what’s alive in you as your desires and dreams so you can begin to RE-VISION.

In session 3, you’ll feel into the future and activate a CLEAR INTENTION.  We’ll discuss how to embody and align with that vision and set you up to step forth into 2022 with lifted gaze and open heart.

Sessions are 60 minutes long by phone, can be recorded upon request and must be used by Jan 18, 2022.


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The gift of shingles…

Posted on 8 November 2021

I’m at home with my cat beside me, healing from a bout of shingles. I had no clue what shingles were before this experience and I misdiagnosed myself as having a bad reaction to hair dye. Nope, this was shingles and neuralgia and pain so bad I could only cry, leading me to Urgent care visits via video appointment (thank you, Covid-era convenience), the right prescription for me, friends checking in and bringing me soup, and my mom in Alaska requesting selfies twice a day so she could measure the progress of the blisters on my forehead with me.

Being knocked down flat like this is humbling, but coming out of it feels like being reborn.

I’ll take that.

My new face isn’t fully here yet. I’m still healing those blister scabs. To care for the eye that was so close to those blisters I haven’t worn my contacts for days on end. Being in a blurry world isn’t so bad when I have no place to go. My close up vision is good, and curling up with a book on the couch was my main pre-occupation last week. I read two 600 page novels — the first two books of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I’m prepped for the TV show that comes out later this month.

There are lots of gifts in this experience.

My mom is a gift.
Friend support is a gift.
Book reading time is a gift.
Blurry world, pajama days are a gift.
A reminder that everything can wait and be delayed and it’s okay that it is… that’s a gift.

Thank you, shingles.

Everything that comes can contribute to me if I allow and receive.

That doesn’t mean what comes is easy.
It doesn’t mean it’s fair or fun or right either…
It simply is.

Life shows up as it does. I can deny it, fight it, pretend it’s not happening…

Or I can embrace what is here. Receive it. Let it grow me, change me, and reveal more to me about me. That’s what Life is about.

I don’t have all the answers, but I get better and better at recognizing the attitude and posture that serves me best, as well as the attitudes and postures that don’t.

It serves me to embrace what’s here, appreciate, reach out for connection, be in awe of my experience, and have a sense of humor. Maybe not 100% of the time, but enough of the time of being in those energies, and I’m guided more gently through the waves of feeling everything else I feel.

Ultimately I can welcome it all, even the breakdowns.

Whatever challenges you’re experiencing this month, be gentle with yourself as you navigate them. Feeling humbled or slowed, stopped or redirected is part of the experience of Life. Reach out for support, and keep connected with others who can love you through it all, so you can stay open in your heart and mind. Also, look for the blessings. They’re there too.

I’m leading the annual daily Abundance class, starting Wednesday. I’ve taught this class every year in some variation or another since 2012. It’s a favorite because it’s so needed. Scarcity creeps up in our consciousness too easily, but possibility and plenty is a much greater reality to create from, and it’s ours to cultivate and practice.

Join in the class or book session time with me as you need. I’m here for you.

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Who are you being in relation to what’s here in your life?

Posted on 28 October 2021

So much of conscious living is about the inner game: who am I being in relation to what’s here in my life?

I can fight what’s here…
I can resist what’s here…
I can be defensive or reactive about what’s here…
I can even ignore or deny it all (for at least a little while).

Or I can be very present with what’s here, receive it, and create with it.

Tune in. Feel where you are tensing up, fighting or controlling. Soften. Relax.

About some specific aspect of your life experience right now, ask:

What is here?
What wants to happen here?
What does ‘what wants to happen here’ want from me?

Sometimes it takes courage to fully open our eyes to see and sense what’s here. It might be uncomfortable. It might bring with it a flood of emotion — tears, anger, sadness, despair or joy. It will not kill you to be with the truth of even uncomfortable circumstances. It will actually lead you to clarity, power and wholeness.

No matter what’s unfolding in your life, remind yourself:

More is happening here than I can see.
There is a way through this.
Something can be created out of this that is greater than what I have known before.

Don’t let your circumstances make you hard. The awareness of what to do or how to be will arise — sometimes slowly, sometimes in a sudden spark of insight. Perhaps, like me, your clarity arises as spontaneous insights in the shower, when you’re driving, or in the soft light of morning. Inner guidance comes when we’re relaxed and present enough to receive it.

If you could use support in that, that’s what sessions are for!  Schedule a consultation if we haven’t worked together before. Or join a class and have the support of group coaching and energetic practices that help you BE with what’s here in your life. November’s class, Abundance, is a daily practice in shifting out of scarcity into plenty. Details HERE.

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