How To Have More

Posted on 7 February 2023

To land a better job, you have to grow your self-confidence to become a match to that job.

To have a greater relationship, you have to grow your capacity to give and receive, to love and be present with another.

Your next greatest desires invite you to step beyond previous comfort levels into new versions of yourself.

This, in fact, is how you manifest.

Sometimes the growth required to manifest your desires is extremely subtle. It can be hard to quantify or measure from the outside, but in the inner planes it’s very real. A stretch. An expansion. An opening. A change.

Personally, I find these subtle growth edges exhilarating. Here lies the juiciest parts of coaching. My clients and I feel into and find those edges of expansion and gently, gently step into them together. Feeling the space. Finding words for the insights that download with each step forward.

This is the inner work.

Of course, outer actions are also required, but that comes easily when you’re stepping into more of yourself – more confidence, more courage, more heart, more trust, more willingness, more ease…

These subtle expansions change your vibe and guide your next steps.

Can YOU feel your next growth edges?

Think of what you desire to have or experience next.

Who must you become to have that?
What growth does your desire invite you into?

Are you willing?

If so, great! It’s begun.

If not, sit with that for a bit. Can you feel past your fear or reluctance into the possible ‘Future You’ that your desires invite you to become? Touching into that version of yourself will give you something valuable.


P.S. I’m here for the journey towards whatever it is you’d like to manifest next! Pave your way with regular coaching sessions. Book a free consultation if we’ve never worked together before, or if we have, access my client calendar here.

P.S.S. Group coaching is another way to work with me! My upcoming Manifesting Mastermind is an intimate coaching circle that begins next Monday night. We’ll be diving into the nuances of manifestation with the book Ask and It is Given by Abraham-Hicks, while asking for exciting changes to manifest in our lives. Read more and register here.

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An invitation to tune up your powers of deliberate creation

Posted on 5 February 2023

There’s so much joy possible when we’re in the flow, easily attracting and experiencing what we desire. I know you’ve had times in your life like this — times of major manifestations! Like when you landed a job you wanted, synchonicistically met your new best friends, or manifested money out of nowhere right when you needed it.

If you think back to those times in your life, can you remember how you felt?

Who were you being?

It’s always out of who we are being that our worlds are created.

I know you know this. Applying it, though, is the trick!

I haven’t taught a manifesting class for quite a while, nor have I run an extended group coaching program for a number of years. But, this year, when I checked in to what felt really fun and delightful to me, that’s what I wanted.

I want to hold space for you to root deeply in the basic principles of creation:

Like attracts like.
Your thoughts create your reality.

And you can be conscious and deliberate about that.

If you feel the call to become more focused, deliberate and conscious about what you’re creating in 2023, join me for this year’s Manifesting Mastermind.

In our first season of this mastermind we’ll be reading Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks. This is my favorite book on manifesting. It’s simple, powerful and practical.

In our intimate group setting, I’ll offer you guided practices, accountability, coaching, and the space to witness and be witnessed. We learn so much from each other when we gather this way to grow.

Read more and register HERE. We start on Monday, February 13.

P.S. This year holds so many possibilities! You may sometimes feel discouraged or small in your dreams and desires, but it doesn’t take much to shake off that vibe and remember again that you can have what you want. When you need support in that, I’m here for it. Classes are one way to support yourself. Sessions are another. Give yourself what you need to thrive.

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Why work with a coach

Posted on 16 January 2023

You create your own reality.

Your life is not happenstance. You play a huge role in creating it…

– by what you choose and don’t choose.
– by how you see and perceive what is unfolding.
– by how you receive or resist what is here.

Also by how you choose to define yourself in the story of your life.

Do you see yourself as a badass?
A powerful manifestor?
One who changes the world with your presence and intention?

I see you as that.

Always, you are creating your life in a myriad of subtle ways that aren’t so easily recognizable from the outside.

That’s why it helps to have someone on your team, like me, who can peer into the subtle realms with you.

What are you really choosing here?
What energy are you bringing to the situation?
In what way is your posture helping or hindering you?

If you have big goals this year (or big challenges), these questions, asked on a regular basis, are gold. Creating the space for your own alignment is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself.

This is what coaching is all about — it’s a thought partnership set up to help you see and make the small shifts within that makes a huge difference in the outer world you’re creating.

It’s fun. It’s strategic. And it pays for itself.

I’d love to partner with you through regular sessions and support you in manifesting your ideal life — one that suits who you are now, and where you want to go next. Once a week, once a month, or once a quarter. Together we can create a coaching plan that works for you, your budget, and your needs. Set up a time with me this month, and we’ll get started.

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If things are hard, you’re not failing…

Posted on 10 January 2023

Last year was an exciting year for many of my clients. I witnessed amazing manifestations and dreams come true — promotions, raises and new jobs, big moves across the country, joy returning, projects coming to fruition, even a wedding!

Regular sessions accelerated and supported that growth.

I also witnessed some of my clients walking through the hardest year of their life. Dark nights of the soul and dark times of crisis take us to our knees. I had more clients in that position than ever before and held space for the deep inner work that challenging times demand.

Regular sessions kept those clients steady in intention and anchored in spirit.

We all walk through different seasons at different times.

Being in a tougher season is not a reflection of failure. The cycles of creation take us on a journey – naturally.

What season you are in?

Some years restlessness arises.

What we have is good, and maybe even exactly what we’ve worked to create, but we feel stirrings of discontent and a desire for change. Something inside of us is prompting us to reach and grow again. This is exciting, if you recognize what’s happening.

Some years are breakdown years.

What we thought was solid shifts and changes beneath us. Sometimes it’s internal – our ego dissolving, grief arising, healing happening through it all. Sometimes it’s outer circumstances of loss that break us free from solid structures so we again grow. This is also exciting, if we remember the old is dissolving so something new can be born.

Other years are years of new growth. We manifest and create, align and expand again.

And still other years are years of mastery and maturity, in which we deepen our roots and cultivate our wisdom.

Whatever season you find yourself in, here’s what I want for you this year:

I want you to be present to what is in front of you, but I also want you to maintain a higher perspective on what is unfolding in your experience.

I want you to feel all the human feelings that come up, while also choosing and cultivating your emotional and energetic states intentionally.

I want you to remember how much choice you have in your life, and I want you to be able to surrender to the mystery and feel ease with all that is outside of your control.

I want you to give yourself the space to be imperfectly human, while rooting in your inner wisdom and letting it guide you.

As a life coach, this is what I’m committed to.

No matter the season, you can walk through your life with consciousness and intention. When you do, the journey may not be easy, but you’ll feel ease and your manifestations will amaze you.

Do you choose that?

This year, book regular coaching sessions — once a quarter, once a month or once a season — as part of that choice. Make a plan and set yourself up for consistent support to stay awake and aligned.

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A few holiday reminders…

Posted on 23 December 2022

In this holiday season, here are a few reminders…

It’s not about the stuff. It’s about your presence and the connection that it creates.

If it’s not fun for you, there’s another way. Change it.

When you feel pressure or heightened intensity, slow down. Take a pause and a breath.

Your intention matters.

The way you show up matters.

A myriad of other little things don’t matter so much.

Can you be with your family, and love and connect with them, while still being in your body caring for yourself?

Can you witness other people’s experience, and let them have their experience, and not abandon yourself?

Can you stay grounded and clear in what matters most to you, despite the flurry of activity or expectations around you?

Whether you are traveling or staying cozy at home, with family or friends or alone, be soft with yourself.

It’s enough to be here being you.

Joy arises in receiving things just as they are.

I wish you that.

P.S. The year has been a lot. Perhaps you have much to celebrate, or much to grieve, or much to marvel at… do you need some space for that?

Next week, I’ve have a few more Year-End Review sessions available for the special holiday price of $111. These are for next week only. Space is limited.

Or join Renewal: an online year end retreat for reflection and visioning before you step into 2023. There are 5 possible session to attend. Come to all or just a few. You set your price and level of participation. Create it to suit you.

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Renewal: an online end of year retreat

Posted on 19 December 2022

In the last dark days of the year, I like to sink in and get reflective.

What has this last year been for me?
Where am I now?
Who am I now?
What lies ahead?

I don’t like to start a new year without having given myself this space and rooted myself in a vision for the next year.

Somehow in the darkest days, I can receive the deepest knowings, and setting myself up for the next year with a clear intention is important.

If you’re like me in valuing this kind of reflection as you wrap up your year, then I invite you to join in Renewal: an online year end retreat.

Each of these 5 online sessions is one hour, and includes meditation, guided journaling, and deeply held space in which to focus and reflect.

Reflect and Review – Monday, December 26, at 7pm Pacific
Turn it all to Gold – Wednesday, December 28, at 7pm Pacific
Gaze Forward – Thursday, December 29, at 7pm Pacific
Align with the Next – Friday, December 30, at 12pm Pacific
Release and Celebrate – Saturday, December 31, at 10am Pacific

Join live or catch the replays. Attend all sessions, one session, or a few.
And, pay what you choose – $25, $50, $75, or $100.

All levels of offering and participation are welcome.

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Does your life reflect you – truly?

Posted on 12 December 2022

Is what’s in your life a fit for you?

I know what it is to find myself in relationships and situations that aren’t me.

I know what it looks like when someone has created a life that looks pretty good on the outside, but that feels deeply unfulfilling and inauthentic on the inside.

I’ve been there and so have my clients.

Ending up in something that isn’t representative of the truth of you usually happens slowly as a result of small actions or in-actions.

Not speaking up.
Letting your boundaries be crossed.
Taking the safe path at the expense of your heart’s promptings or your soul’s desires.

Or maybe you just didn’t slow down enough to feel what was true for you and thus ended up being carried to outcomes that aren’t reflective of who you really am.

Staying true to yourself takes some work. Continuing to stay connected and true takes tending.

But what is better work than this?

When your life feels true and aligned to your very being, it’s precious and fulfilling. That kind of authentic living is somewhat rare. It’s a life of integrity that brings online your deeper heart and soul wisdom and leads you to greater presence and integrity with all others in your life too.

Seek it, Friend. When something feels out of integrity to you, pay attention. When something begins to feel ill-fitting, get curious.

You’re growing and evolving all the time. Living authentically and true to yourself is a dance of listening and expressing, transforming and changing your creations as you go. What once fit you may not now. What was your truth yesterday may not be your truth tomorrow. Stay agile and honest.
Your life is YOUR life to create and recreate — and it should suit you.

P.S. If you could use support in that quest of integrity and authenticity, receive it. Work with me next year in weekly sessions. Book a consultation here.

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Follow the sparks

Posted on 29 November 2022

In the process of manifesting anything, your job is to say curious and present, eyes wide open and aware.

If something feels good, move towards it.

If you are inspired towards an action, take it.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t douse your inspiration with a bucket load of cynical thoughts.

The field of Infinite Possibility has more going on than you can figure out with your head, but you can pay attention to how you feel and what calls to you.

When something lights up for you, consider it a golden breadcrumb on your path. Move towards it.

One lit up moment leads to another and another…

One golden breadcrumb at a time.

Following those subtle impulses will take you places you couldn’t quite imagine but are a match to what your heart has been seeking.

Stay open.

Stay sensitive.

Seek the sparks.

P.S. When you’re on a manifesting journey having the space to soften and process all the subtle and sensitive layers of your experience fuels the journey. That’s what I offer in coaching sessions. My calendar is open for current clients and new clients. Book your times HERE.


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Do you believe in happily ever after?

Posted on 22 November 2022

I officiated a wedding last weekend for a client who met the love of her life while we were coaching together. Session after session we talked of the love she desired, she became the person who could have this love, and Friends — this love ARRIVED!!

Her partner is so perfectly what she was asking for (and more!), in our sessions we still shake our head and marvel at how good it is.

This is the fourth wedding I’ve officiated for clients! Isn’t that an amazing thing? It’s such an honor to have such a front row seat to someone’s dreams come true.

Basking in the after-glow of that glorious wedding day has left me feeling even more tender as I hold space for my other clients’ dreams.

Everyone I am working with has dreams and desires for the next expression of their life, AND everyone I am working with has doubts that they are worthy or that they can have what it is they want.

They can.

I hold space that they will.

While it’s true that ‘happily ever after’ is a bit of a myth in regards to the fact that we don’t just reach a pinnacle of happiness and stay there, ‘happily ever after’ is, in my book, something to reach for consistently.

I want you to live in such appreciation for your life that happiness is your baseline.

I want you to become so familiar and used to happiness as your state of being that when the bumps on your path leave you miserable and unhappy you don’t settle for that as your new normal.

I want you to remember that you can have great things in your life —great love, great work, great friendships, great fulfillment….!

I want you to audaciously reach for those next states of fullness and joy —whatever that is for YOU —and feel worthy of it

I want you to remember consistently that it is all possible, such that you step towards your dreams with confidence and anticipation.

You can have the joy and fulfillment that you want.

You can create it.
You can attract it.
You can receive it.

I know that for you. Do you know that for yourself?

When you muster faith for your dreams, you set yourself on an adventure of self growth. It will include healing. It will include uncomfortable moments. And it will challenge you. But it will be rich and it will be worth it.

Your dreams transform you. Reaching for more requires you to become a person who can HAVE more. If you choose, that’s where I come in.

My role as a coach is to help you hold steady, keep your gaze lifted, and your focus on the future you’re calling forth. I remind you of what’s true when you forget and keep you from sinking and veering off your path when you’re feeling rocked by circumstances or setbacks. I hear you and see you and love you — all of you! Somewhere in our work together those secret shames and doubts you walk with, met with care, dissolve. You become more whole and more confident, more open and more radiant. And that’s when magic happens.

Some clients work with me weekly. Others work with me monthly or seasonally. It’s an investment for sure, but your life and your dreams are worth it.

This is your life. Let it be great!

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When I get stuck in scarcity thinking my problems grow

Posted on 8 November 2022

When I focus on what I have, it grows.
When I appreciate what I’m receiving, it gives more to me.
When I soften and open my heart to the world, the world shows up kinder and more generous with me.

These are abundance principles I can live by in any context. They serve me well.

The energy of scarcity and lack, in contrast, feels like contraction. When I presume there isn’t enough or that my needs won’t be met, I hold tight and get rigid. What is created from that rigidity is more experience of scarcity. In this energy my problems grow.

It’s easy to be in scarcity. Just listen to the news or overhear a conversation about the economy or drive by a gas station and see this week’s prices, and it’s hard not to contract if that’s where I’ve been vibing.

But the energy of abundance is available to us too and it feels different! It’s expansive and relaxed. It’s open and generous and grateful.. When I presume that there is enough for me (and everyone else too!), I relax. Creativity and inspiration flows through me. What I create from that energy is life-giving and generative.

Where I land on that spectrum between scarcity and abundance has a lot to do with the thoughts I’m thinking, the posture I’m taking, and the attitude I’m cultivating. And that is all adjustable.

That’s the essence of the work in I Am Abundant: a 22 day energy shifting practice class. This is my annual abundance class, offered each year because I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a regular tune up of their abundance vibe.

Class is $111 and includes all recordings. You can also purchase the class + a coaching session for $222. We start Thursday. Read more and register HERE.

P.S.S. This topic of abundance vs scarcity is also a good one for sessions. When you know you’re emanating an energy that is creating the opposite of what you want, don’t stay in that for long. Come work it out with me. Book session times here.

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