When you trust yourself and Life, everything is different

Posted on 12 May 2020

If these past couple of months have been an emotional roller-coaster, or have tested your stress levels in ways you didn’t expect, I totally understand. The uncertainty and change we’ve been experiencing in this season of Corona is big!⠀

First we had very little information.⠀
Then we had contradictory information.⠀
And we’re not through it!⠀

Who do you trust?⠀
What do you trust?⠀
What is the basis of trust in unprecedented times?⠀

Over the last decade, my friend Julie Elizabeth Day and I have worked one-on-one with clients through all kinds of change and uncertainty. Whether your experience of change is small or big, personal or global, a little inconvenient or completely disruptive to your reality, we know this: ⠀

You can trust yourself.⠀
You can trust Life.⠀
You can cultivate a sense of deep inner peace, that will carry you through even the craziest of circumstances.⠀

We know this so deeply, we want to share it with you.⠀

So, we’ve got a FREE 5 Day Virtual Class Series for you, called “I TRUST!” and we’d love to have you join us! Register HERE.⠀

Our aim in this series is to guide you gently to a greater trust in your inner knowing, a greater trust in the flow of life, and a greater sense of safety in this uncertain world.⠀

If you could use some of that, sign up!
(Link in comments below)⠀

We meet Monday through Friday (May 18 – 22) at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern on Zoom. ⠀

If you can’t attend live, register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to each day’s recording. ⠀

We want you to be steady, calm, and clear from the inside out. When you live from that space, everything in your word changes… for the better!⠀

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Hold yourself gently and let yourself change

Posted on 11 May 2020

How are you doing? Are you well? Are you holding steady? ⠀

I desire that for you. ⠀

Some of my clients almost sheepishly tell me how happy they’ve been over these past weeks. They’ve found themselves grateful to be at home, to slow down, to have everything change. If that’s been your experience, embrace it! ⠀

Some of my clients have been courageously facing their anxiety and fear. They’ve been witnessing their concern for the future and mistrust of authority, and as they face these shadows, a beautiful healing is happening within them. If that’s been your experience, embrace that too! ⠀

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of experience, be at peace with yourself. ⠀

It’s okay not to know much right now.⠀
It’s okay to not have a plan or even a vision of the future.⠀
It’s okay to feel what you feel.⠀

Hold yourself gently and let yourself change in these times of change. Invite this great pause to be an experience of great transformation in your life. If you’ll receive it as such, it will be that for you.⠀

If you need support, book a session. I’m here for you. ⠀

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Fear is not your compass.

Posted on 14 April 2020

What’s the opposite of fear? What does it feel like?

I asked my EVERY DAY group of about this, and they gave me these words: expansiveness, trust, harmony, openness, softness, acceptance, vulnerability, spaciousness, awareness, curiosity, joy, perception, eagerness, assurance, trust, relaxation, possibility, learning, calm, serenity, knowing, confidence, contentment…

Those words feel good to me, even to type.

Read the list again. Feel the energy of these words in your body.

The more acquainted you are with THOSE energies, the more they become your ground of being.

Fear is going to come up, at times. Anxiety and contraction will move through you. You don’t have to resist it. But don’t take it too seriously, and don’t lean into it as your compass. The space beyond fear is where you’ll access the wisdom and inspiration that will guide you to create more through this time and beyond it.

When you’re soft and curious, trusting and open, you intuitively perceive the way forward.

What is being reset in you during this time of quarantine?
What gift is this time to you?
What new possibilities are going to be here for you after this pandemic is over?

No need to find answers to those questions. Just live in them. Let the inquiry open a space for reset and receiving, thriving and possibility.

]I trust that no matter what happens to the economy you can thrive. I trust that no matter what falls away in your life, there is a gift in the change. I trust your capacity to receive even these circumstances, rise above the fear, and feel your way forward.

If you need help accessing that space, book some sessions. And if you’d like to join the EVERY DAY group in daily meditation and remembering, I’d love to have you.

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How can I support you?

Posted on 6 April 2020

Some of my clients are doing shorter, more frequent sessions with me during this pandemic season.⠀⁣
Others that have worked with me for years by phone are now meeting me via FaceTime.⠀⁣
Maybe you could use the space to process anxiety or waves of feeling.⠀⁣
Maybe you’re being asked to rise to new levels of leadership and you want to check your intentions and get aligned before you take action.⠀⁣
Maybe you are drawn to sessions for the extra dose of kindness and compassion that we generate together. ⠀⁣
That’s what sessions are for. ⠀⁣
You lay it all out. We look at it together. We ask questions. ⠀⁣
We check into your higher knowing. We follow the lightness to more clarity and greater vision. ⠀⁣
You walk away even-keeled, grounded and brighter.⠀⁣
If you want to put me on your Quaranteam, I’m here for you. ⠀⁣
Schedule a time with me to chat about what you need and how I can support you.

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What’s this time like for you?

Posted on 2 April 2020

Here we are in the time of quarantine, with our best laid plans for 2020 on pause. It’s all a lot to process, isn’t it?

What’s this like for you?

I recognize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ experience to quarantine. Some of my clients are working more intensely than ever keeping us healthy and fed and continuing to educate children and teach classes. Some are at home with nothing to do for the first time in years. Some are cloistered with family members, some are alone, and many are attending more zoom meetings than they could have imagined.

What we all share in common during this time is that this is a change. Our patterns and routines have been disturbed. We haven’t experienced this before. And we’re going to emerge from this different.

Can you let this be an inner reset for you?

What might you discover about yourself in this time that you are out of your patterns and default modes?

If you’re not feeling super productive now, please don’t beat yourself up.
If you’re sleeping a lot, embrace the chance to rest.
If you’re feeling waves of grief, let it flow and cleanse you.
If you’re finding yourself in fear or anxiety, be especially gentle with yourself, and reach out for help as needed.

Let yourself be human.

We’re still at the beginning of this experience.

Remember to breathe. Remember that this too shall pass. Remember that everything, everything, everything can be received as a gift when you soften to receive it.

And, even as you stay quarantined, don’t let yourself feel isolated. I’m here. Your family and friends and co-workers and community are still here. You might just find yourself with deeper connections and community at the end of this than you could have imagined.

I wish that for you.

I also wish to support you, as you need. I sent a survey out to clients last week and the overwhelming request in the time of quarantine was a daily practice class.  So I created it!  EVERY DAY in the time of quarantine you are welcome to come meditate with me, receive an uplifting class, and connect with community. Read more here.

Also, some clients said they desired more frequent, short sessions of support. Others wanted Facetime calls. Those are easy requests! If you want to put me on your Quaranteam, schedule a chat with me and and we’ll come up with a plan that suits you.

Again, stay soft. Let something beautiful be created within you even as you stay home.


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Who’s on your quaranteam?

Posted on 23 March 2020

Who’s on your QUARANTEAM?
(I encountered this new word word today, and I like it!)

Who’s on your QUARANTEAM?

(I encountered this new word word today, and I like it!)

If you’re home with family or housemates, cool! They’re definitely on your quaranteam.
But if you’re home alone in social isolation, that doesn’t mean you need to feel alone.

Reach out and strengthen your connections with people who matter to you.

Where are your loved ones at?
Who have you not checked in with for a while, that you can rekindle connection with now?
Whose voices and energy will uplift and inspire you during this time?
Who do you want to surround yourself with?

I kind of think of it like — who do you want on your island? 

As I see it, this is a time to reassess our values.
If connection is one of yours, like it is mine, activate it.
Pull your quaranteam in place.

Put loved ones and friends on it, and also add some support for you.

You can do coaching, healing sessions, therapy, game nights, family reunions, church services, dance classes, fitness bootcamps, and book clubs virtually. And they can be just as, or even more, meaningful to you than ever.

Simply get creative.

I’m on many people’s QUARANTEAM. Currently, my clients are meeting me for the coolest sessions — sessions that are relevant and reality shifting. People who work with me know they don’t have to be be in anxiety no matter what’s going on. They reach out to talk it out, to use the tools that keep them steady and sane, to stay true and authentic, and to meet themselves in deep dives of growth and healing.

When you need that support, have it. Book some sessions. I’m here.


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Some part of you is prepared for this…

Posted on 19 March 2020

I really think I’d be a good scavenger/hunter/gatherer for supplies in times of apocalypse. A part of me wants to be out scouting each day to see what stores are open and what supplies are available and then come back to my village to report. Like ‘The Walking Dead’ kind of survival mode — I got that within me.⁣ How about you?

But — deep breath — considering that it’s just me and my cat that I’m looking out for, I’m reining this part in.⁣

I’ve got other skills that are actually more relevant right now.⁣

They’re softer skills of energy and consciousness, asking questions, and choosing from within. In immediate fear and panic mode, these skills seem less relevant, but actually they aren’t.⁣

I know how to create space to acknowledge my fear, be kind with it… and not give up power to it.⁣

I know how to create space for possibility by asking questions that open my awareness, instead of trying to solve immediate problems from contraction and low vibes.⁣

I know how to generate new realities and how to be with other realities without conflict or resistance.⁣

What do you know?⁣

What have you practiced in other times of your life that you’d do good to remember and bring to the forefront now?⁣

I KNOW you’ve got some inner strengths that will resource you through these days…⁣

Take an inner inventory and tell me what you find.⁣

You’re more prepared for this than you think.

I can easily create the space of ‘no fear’ with you. I can sit with you, even in a pandemic, and help you access possibilities and generate realities that work better for you and everyone else too.⁣ If you could use some of that, I’ve got it in spades. Reach out and book some sessions.⁣

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Relax, Center, Soften

Posted on 13 March 2020


I’m saying this over and over to myself and to my clients.

I don’t want to give anyone platitudes.
I do want to reassure you…

You can be present with this.
There is a stillness within you that will resource you.
When you tune into that, things on the outside are far easier to respond to.

Over the past five days I’ve had both long and short sessions with business owners, leaders, board members, parents and individuals… everyone facing this strange new world of a pandemic with a sense of responsibility for the choices they are being asked to make.

This is intense.

Over and over, I remind my clients…

Instead of choosing from fear, walk yourself back to center first.

Instead of spiraling out in all kinds of worse case scenarios, find that space within you that remembers and trust in possibility. From there you’ll see more, know more, and create more.

There isn’t a formula for this… it’s feeling work. It requires compassion. And it’s rich.

If you need help with this, reach out for a session.

I’m here for you.

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Remain steady in times of chaos

Posted on 12 March 2020

How I meet anything dictates what it becomes for me:

When I greet something with fear, I experience it as trauma.
When I greet something with resistance, I lock myself in conflict.
When I greet something with curiosity, I learn from it.
When I greet something with an open heart, I co-create with it.

How are you greeting this unprecedented experience of the Coronavirus?

I don’t have any simple answers about how to be with it. But, I do know that there’s a place within me that can meet all kinds of chaos with a steady calm.

I’m finding that place inside me of… on the daily.

I remind myself that if I get sick, I’ll walk through it.
If my finances are impacted, I’ll walk through it.
If I need to stay home for weeks, I’ll walk through it.
If I run out of toilet paper, I’ll live.

I can greet each day with curiosity, wonder, and an open heart. I can be a good neighbor. I can receive information from the outside world. I can hear what is true for me on the inside. I can wash my hands, take care of my body, and be compassionate with any fear that arises.

What are your practices to steady yourself?
What helps you live from your center?

Whatever it is, choose that. It’s as important as washing your hands.

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How to be smart without overthinking…

Posted on 28 February 2020

When I started coaching over a decade ago I had no idea how much I’d love my clients and my work. I was pretty sure coaching would be a great job (or I wouldn’t have chosen it), but I couldn’t have foreseen how it would actually unfold.

My mind could not have showed me — it didn’t know. But, something in me knew!

I could feel it.

My first glimpses of this feeling came randomly — from a book I read about the entrepreneurial path that got me thinking outside the box of my career, from an article in a magazine about a woman who became a life coach as a ‘natural career transition,’ and from a conference my work sent me to where I was drawn to attend a coaching demonstration that lit up my whole body.

I followed the feeling and the flow, and one inspiration led to another. I’m glad that I paid attention!

Being smart about life includes being aware of the flow of life around you such that you catch the moments of inspiration and the information they bring you. It includes sensing that change is coming even before it arrives. It includes being aware of what energizes you and what doesn’t, and feeling your truth from within.

A good life is created from greater intelligence than our thinking can give us.  A good life is created from the inside out.

In sessions, I want to talk to you about smart plans, but I also want to listen to what you feel and know within your body. I want to hear what you’re noticing when you lift your head and look beyond your immediate problems. I want you to be present to what feels stale or depleting, and get curious enough to feel for what else is possible.

I want you to tap into your greater intelligence and create your life from that.

Next month’s daily class is a practice in this: Out of Your Head, Into the Flow. We meet by phone or recording every day for 22 days and it’s lively. Come tap into your greater intelligence on the daily. And, as always, feel free to pop yourself into my calendar anytime for a coaching session about what you know from within.

The guidance within you is greater than you think.

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